Budapest reveling revealed: this is how we party at

May 03, 2013

JPF Party of the Decade

Industry executives gathered in Budapest for two days of entertainment.

The last weekend of April witnessed yet another great party in the history of, as staff and industry partners got together to celebrate ten years of innovative, forward thinking service provided to gaming fans around the world. JPF Party 1

The amazing indoor spa at Hotel Gellert, the site of several Hollywood movies; escape room, the new activity frenzy; the scenic river cruise on the Danube, complete with great food and entertainment; the whole VIP area in lavish Moulin Rouge night club, open since 1898; farewell get-together in the best Jewish-Hungarian fusion bistro in Budapest – it can be said with absolute certainty that these were memorable days for everyone involved.

“ has been successful in business because of the revolutionary, pioneering ideas, the loyalty of our readers and the strong relationships we cultivate with the industry,” commented Attila, JackpotFinder Media Group General Manager. Denis Lev, the company’s new head of Web Presence Team went on to add that “this party was an excellent opportunity to develop those relationships even further to a new level of personal friendships.” JPF Party 3

Party guests found the riverboat ride particularly enjoyable, with the executives in attendance dancing and singing along with local folk dancers and gypsy band, admiring the view, enjoying the cuisine and eventually extending the program by nearly two hours. A night of stylish disco dancing and friendly poker matches at the classy Moulin Rouge crowned the day for everyone present. JPF Party 2

As one casino Affiliate Manager had put it: “We knew you, guys as the craziest partying affiliates in the industry, now you have shown that you are the only ones who go as far as treating us with such a huge party. You could not have made anything more for us, guys; it was an amazing experience in Budapest. Happy birthday!”

With the celebrations done, work is again in full swing at to ensure another decade of success through groundbreaking concepts, exciting innovations and outstanding service to the hundreds of thousands of readers who have made these ten years possible.

JPF Party 4