Last days to join Champions League betting in the Round of 16

Nov 30, -0001

Bet365 Champions League round 16

This year Champions League betting will see Russian, Swiss, and Portuguese punters wage stakes on their teams as English and Spanish clubs don’t dominate anymore.

In addition to CSKA Moskva, another Russian team, Saint Petersburg-based Zenit, has qualified to the top 16 teams this year. The Russians will face a more renowned Portuguese team, Benfica. An unexpected participation will also include Switzerland’s Basel.

It is not often that Swiss teams make it this high. Basel will find it quite hard to make it to the quarterfinals as they will play against the German team with most titles, Bayern Munich. As a result, this week Swiss fans will have other things to watch in addition to winter sports. Another high level match will see London’s Chelsea face Italian Napoli.

As usually happens, Chelsea is favored…and then doesn’t perform. So sportsbooks give it as much of a chance as to Napoli. Bet365, Bovada, and Paddy Power sportsbooks maintain freshly updated odds for these games.

Bet365 sportsbook seems to favor Zenit with odds of 6/4. Betting on Benfica has a higher payoff with 19/10 odds. A draw has the highest payout and will net 9/4.

Bovada, as expected, strongly favors Bayern with odds of 1.5/1. Those Swiss punters who believe their team, Basel, will defeat the German giant, can bet for a strong payout of 6.5/1. A draw is valued with 4/1.

As Paddy Power calculates, betting on victory of either Chelsea or Napoli, has a payout of 13/8. Betting on a draw will give 9/4.

Bet365, Bovada, and Paddy Power are JackpotFinder-approved sportsbooks with betting available prior to the games as well as live betting during matches. Join today to put your stakes on your favorite team.