Premier League betting to soften British hearts

Nov 30, -0001

English Premier League betting April 7

This season in the European cups is a disaster for the British football. Among all the quarter-finalists in the Champions League, the only English team is Chelsea. It is far worse in Europa League where there are no English clubs in the quarter-finals. Even the Man City and Man United, the leaders in the Barclays Premier League are out.

After defeating Sporting, Chelsea will meet Barcelona in the semis. However, before that happens, the Londoners will see the 2nd from the bottom, Wigan. It’s not sure whether Chelsea will take it easy to save energy for Barcelona. But, bets can be placed.

In another interesting match, Arsenal will see Manchester City. After Europa Cup humiliation, the Manchester team can now fully focus on winning the Premier League and bets can be placed on that.

Meanwhile, Sunderland is having a match against Tottenham. Sunderland is comfortably stuck in the middle of the table, while Tottenham still has reasons to battle hard to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Betway, Bovada, Bodog sportsbooks offer many odds on these and other upcoming football matches to punters worldwide.

Betway sportsbook gives superior winning chances to Chelsea with 11/50 odds, while a bet on Wigan has a huge potential payout of 12/1. Even an eventual draw, for those believing Chelsea is tired and Wigan will do anything to survive, is paying off nicely with 19/4.

Bovada is giving nearly equal chances to both Arsenal and Man City. A bet on London team is paying 31/20, while a bet on Manchester is giving 9/5. Draw is 12/5.

Premier League punters can also visit another great sportsbook, Bodog. Here, Tottenham is given higher odds of winning at 5/4, while a bet on Sunderland is paying almost twice as much at 9/4. Draw: 12/5. For those betting there will be no goals in the game, the payout is 10/1. Other bets on the number of goals can be placed as well.

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