Remain mysterious playing Anonymous Tables at Cool Hand Poker (video)

Nov 30, -0001

Cool Hand Poker has designed Anonymous Tables as a new weapon in their arsenal against online poker hustlers.

When players join the anonymous tables, nobody can tell who they are.  More important, nobody can tell how they have played in the past and use this knowledge to against the players and their bankrolls.

Anonymous tables are Cool Hand’s latest innovation to optimize the experience of novice and low limit players, which became their mission when Cool Hand Poker became a private network. 

Cool Hand Poker offers numerous other features to enhance the experience of these players.  Players are less likely to get badly beaten at low-limit tables. The risk isn’t just less because of the cost, but also because sharks don’t find enough profit opportunity.  Similarly a limit of four open tables makes the site unattractive to sharks who often prefer playing on ten simultaneous tables.

Players who join Cool Hand Poker today can get a €200 bonus on a mere €10 deposit: that’s a 2000% bonus!  Initially players receive just €10 at the time of deposit, but the rest is delivered in €10 installments every time a player earns 20 bonus points.