Ten extraordinary years from Jackpotfinder.com

Apr 26, 2013

Jackpotfinder.com celebrates 10th anniversary

Party of the Decade and new plans for 2013 mark the 10th anniversary.

When Jackpotfinder.com began its pioneering journey in the online gambling world 10 years ago, the venture required innovative, revolutionary thinking. This has not changed the least bit. As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of serving the gaming public and industry, we understand that the same thorough foresight and trendsetting actions are required more than ever.

Throughout the years Jackpotfinder.com has built a solid reputation among loyal online fans as the source of choice for the latest gambling news, whether it came to promotions, technological innovations or legal changes.

Always committed to delivering value to players, there has been over 450 reviews and more than 3,500 news articles written on the Jackpotfinder.com site and we have assisted hundreds of thousands of gaming enthusiasts in finding the best online gambling destinations.

Pursuing the goal to bring novel ideas and services to readers, Jackpotfinder.com (JackpotFinder Media Group) has launched several landmark sites during these ten years. Most notably, Gamingzion.com has grown into a leading global directory for legal developments related to online and offline gambling, while Blackjackchamp.com has been catering to an ever expanding niche audience of mobile casino players.

These achievements would not have been possible without the fantastic cooperation from industry partners, always willing to support our quest for excellence in information delivery.

We believe that maintaining a decade-long success in the ever shifting virtual landscape is an achievement to be celebrated. It is therefore with a sense of pride, satisfaction and gratitude that Jackpotfinder.com and its industry partners will celebrate these joint accomplishments, during an exclusive Party of the Decade, to be held on April 27-28 in Budapest.

Never content to rest on the proverbial laurels, however, Jackpot Finder Media Group is proud to introduce another decade of success with further groundbreaking launches scheduled throughout 2013.

Since the visitors to Jackpot Finder Media Group’s sites have come to expect high standards, excellent service and innovative ideas, JPF is determined to meet those expectations with its new releases this year.

For further details, as well as up-to-date information about the gambling industry and the best online gambling destinations, readers are invited to keep visiting these sites in the coming weeks.