Top sportsbooks offer punters great Champions League betting odds

Nov 30, -0001

Champions League betting quarters march 28

The 2012 Champions League quarter-finals will see two Spanish teams and one team from Cyprus, England, Portugal, France, Germany, and Italy, giving punters from multiple countries reasons to bet on their teams.

What is surprising is the seven-country representation among the eight teams. No longer English teams dominate. And even an apparent underdog, APOEL, made it that high.

The most spectacular game will surely involve Barcelona play Milan. In the previous round, Barcelona eliminated Leverkusen, while Milan took out Arsenal.

Another interesting match will include Bayern Munich and the French Marseille. Bayern just passed through over a Swiss opponent, Basel, while Marseille achieved glory by eliminating the famous Italian club, Inter.

Betway and Intertops sportsbooks offer many interesting betting opportunities for punters looking to bet on these and other matches.

Betway sportsbook strongly favors Barcelona with 7/10 odds in the next Champions League match against Milan. The Italian team has higher potential payout offered at 15/4. If both teams tie, 53/20 will be returned. Punters can also bet on goals scored in both halves with 11/20 payout. Those believing both teams will be careful in the first match and that it won’t happen, can wager for 13/10.

Intertops sportsbook gives higher victory chances to Bayern Munich for a first leg win at 1.80. A winning bet on Marseille will net 4.00. If the Germans tie with the French, the payout of 3.40 is ready. Punters betting on 0-0 outcome can net high 8.50.

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