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About Us

The people who run Jackpot Finder are veterans in the online casino industry. They have many years of combined experience in the field, and this has given them a strong appreciation for the challenges that players face. This appreciation is what brought them together, and it is the reason this site exists.

Jackpot Finder is an independent group with no corporate ties or vested interests. Players can expect a forthright and reliable appraisal of all the gambling sites and services we review. We aim to evaluate all sites based on a level of fairness we ourselves expect to receive.

Every gaming site mentioned on Jackpot Finder is here because it has earned the right to be here We have little tolerance for inappropriate behavior, so if a site fails to treat its members properly, you can be sure we will tell you about it here. After all, it is in everyone's best interest to make sure online gambling remains fair and honest.

A substantial amount of effort goes into maintaining this site, but we believe in what we do and we sincerely hope the information you find here to be useful. There are a lot groups and organizations out there claiming to speak on behalf of players, but Jackpot Finder fully believes that their experience and expertise helps them accomplish just that.

Our readers can also contribute to this site – we welcome any suggestions you may have that would assist in our goal of making online gambling the secure and enjoyable industry it should be.