Balotelli Suffers Racist Abuse According to His Agent

Jan 01, 2016
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Balotelli Suffers Racist Abuse According to His Agent

Balotelli is the best according to Raiola

• According to Mino Raiola:

• Balotelli is a top striker…

• …but people don’t appreciate his talent…

• …simply because Italians are racist…


Mario Balotelli is one of the most famous football player nowadays, however that doesn’t prove he would be a top player.

Mino Raiola, agent of Mario Balotelli, believes that his client suffers racist abuse. Raiola claimed that Balotelli's talent is not appreciated enough in Italy, just because his skin colour is not white but black. Of course Raiola has to try and defend his player so that he could win more money for himself over Balotelli's fame, but maybe he should try to find reasons which actually make sense.

Let me give you a few black skinned people who were appreciated quite well in Italy: Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids, Lilian Thuram, etc. Maybe the reason why people don't believe Balotelli si the god of football is not because he is black, but maybe, just maybe because he is simply not that good. Period.