Can The Best Poker AI Software Defeat Poker Pro Players?

Jan 25, 2017
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Can The Best Poker AI Software Defeat Poker Pro Players?

Poker AI vs Human, which is better?

• Poker AI software is far better so far…

• Almost $800,000 profit for the artificial intelligence poker player!

• 55,000 more hands to be played!

• Can poker AI software beat human brains?


The battle between artificial intelligence vs human brain has been going on for ages even in the field of poker games, however, nobody ever managed to create the best poker AI software which would be able to create profit against poker pro players. Nobody, until now.

The new development, which is regarded as the best poker AI software as of today, is the creation of TuomasSandholm, computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and Noam Brown, PhD student. The best artificial intelligence poker player is called “Libratus” and is competing in the Brains vs Artificial Intelligence poker tournament at Rivers Casino.

Altogether, there will be 120,000 hands to be dealt and the challenge for the best poker AI software is to be able to win against a selected team of professional poker players. So far, the artificial intelligence vs human brains battle seems to be way too one-sided: the best poker artificial intelligence has already created almost $800,000 in profits and there are 55,000 hands left till the end of the Brain vs AI Poker tourney.

”This is the best poker AI software and it’s getting better and better every day!”

Jimmy Chou is one of the poker pro players who are participating in the Brain vs Artificial Intelligence poker tournament. He has played against other poker AI software in the past but none of them were as good as Libratus. “This is the best poker AI software as of today and it’s getting better and better every day. It’s like a tougher version of us, poker pro players!” – said the experienced poker expert.

Watch Poker AI vs Human matches every day!

the brain vs artificial intelligence poker tournament ends on the 30th of January. Till then, you are free to follow the competition every day from 11 AM to 7 PM (Eastern Time). Live poker streams are available online for the tournament. And once you’re done watching this historic battle between human mindversus artificial intelligence, you can even check out our poker promotions so that you could play and win as well!