Casino Room Launches New Slot Machine with Awesome Offer

Sep 20, 2016
Offer Expiration date: Sep 24, 2016

Casino Room Launches New Slot Machine with Awesome Offer

Clam free spins for new slot game at Casino Room!

• Deposit GBP 10

• Deposit Bonus Code: MTR50

 Claim 50 free spins

 • Play Motörhead slot

• Available for 23-27 September


Log in to your account at Casino Room and use your deposit bonus code to be able to try the new slot machine and win real money for free!

Casino Room has announced to be launching a new slot machine, Motörhead slot which will be released on 22 September. Use the deposit bonus code MTR50 and claim 50 free spins for the new casino slot! Make sure that this promotion is only available for the period of 23 to 27 September. You must make a deposit of at least GBP 10.

New customers can also enjoy free spins!

You don’t have an account yet? Don’t you worry, child! Sign up for a new account and you can claim even better promotions at the online casino site. Deposit at least GBP 10, use the bonus code MTR100 and claim a 100 free bets for the new slot machine Motörhead. Enjoy the metal running through your vein while winning real money! You might want to check out our Casino Room review as well!