Football betting available on friendly matches involving world’s top teams

Nov 30, -0001
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International Friendly Matches

Euro 2012 participants are playing friendly games to test their teams days before the European football championships begin.

In one match, one of the Euro 2012 favorites, and one of the top teams in the world, Germany, ranked by FIFA as no. 2, is playing with Israel. Ranked as no. 58. Israel, while playing to qualify for Euro 2012, didn’t make it.

In another friendly match, Italy will face Russia. Both teams are playing at Euro 2012. Italians are ranked as no. 12, while Russians are ranked one notch higher. The game will show which team is really stronger.

Another test will include England (ranked very high as no. 7), also playing in the tournament, and Belgium, a team which doesn’t qualify much of the time. Belgians are currently ranked as no. 44.

The last World Cup finalist, Holland, currently no. 4 in FIFA ranking, is having a friendly match with Northern Ireland, ranked very low at no. 100.

Bet365, BetVictor, Unibet, and Ladbrokes sportsbooks offer odds on the these upcoming matches.

Bet365 sportsbook is paying 1/6 for a bet on Germany winning over Israel. Betting on Israel has 14/1 payout. Who knows, Germany may play easy, trying to conserve energy and avoid injuries prior to the Euro 2012 tournament. Betting on a draw comes with 6/1 odds.

At BetVictor sportsbook, betting on Italy comes with 1/1 odds, while a wager on Russia is standing at 13/5, even though the Russians are ranked higher. Football punters can also bet on a draw for 23/10 odds.

Unibet sportsbook has bets open for England-Belgium match. Betting on the English team has 1.60 odds. Those punters willing to bet on Belgian win stand to gain 6.00 if that happens. A tie comes at 3.65.

For Ladbrokes sportsbook punters, betting on Holland comes with 1/6. If a bet goes for the Northern Ireland, the payout is 10/1, while tie has 9/2 odds.

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