Latest TV and radio commercials by Paddy Power taken off the air

Nov 30, -0001
Offer Expiration date: Nov 30, -0001

Paddy Power's new ads off the air

Recently introduced TV and radio ads by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power were deemed by UK Advertising Standards Authority as misleading.

UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received several complaints over Paddy Power’s TV ad was misleading, and the small print contradicted the main message. Same complaints were made over the radio ad.

Both ads revolve around betting on the Champions League final match of Barca v Man United. Paddy Power promised to repay losing bets up to GBP 100 if Barcelona won the match by the end of second half.

Paddy Power representatives claimed they had no intention for the ads to be misleading, stating that the words “We’ll refund losing bets” implied that the sportsbook will pay back some, not all wagers. Paddy Power says that the ads were featured primarily on sports related channels, and thus the average listener would be familiar with common terms and conditions of sports betting offers.

UK Advertising Standards Authority was not convinced and the advertisements are off the air. This didn’t affect usual operations of Paddy Power and it remains one of the most respected online sportsbooks in United Kingdom and worldwide.

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