Mediterranean Cruise Packages 2017: An Awesome Bet365 Bingo Promo

Mar 31, 2017
Offer Expiration date: Apr 22, 2017

Mediterranean Cruise Bet365 Bingo Promo

Win a cruise trip with Bet365!

• Sail the Western Mediterranean...

• ...or win your share of GBP 1,000!

• Several chances for tickets every day!

• Valid until 22 April


Bet365 Bingo offers Mediterranean Cruise packages in 2017, which means you could experience the most amazing holiday trip of your life...

The trip of your dreams is closer to you than you would have ever imagined! All you need to do is start wagering at Bet365 Bingo and then you will have the chance to win Mediterranean cruise packages in2017! The promotion is valid until the 22nd of April and you can collect at most 40 entry tickets until then. Don’t be afraid of not being able to win a cruise trip to the Mediterranean Sea! Even if you’re not the luckiest of all players, you will still get the chance to win some cool cash prizes from a GBP 1,000 prize pot! Care to learn more about similar online bingo promotions at the same site? Check out our Bet365 Bingo review!