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Do you consider yourself a VIP?

If you spend a lot of money at your favorite casino, making big deposits and high wagers, then you definitely fit into this category. Furthmore, you deserve special treatment from the casino where you play. In Las Vegas, high rollers and VIPs get complimentary rooms, drinks, food, and much more. Why should gambling online be any different? For VIPs, the most important part about finding a good online casino is picking one with a best casino loyalty program or VIP club.

Here, you will find reviews of the best casino loyalty programs offered online (if you've never heard of a loyalty program, then read the beginner's guide to casino loyalty programs first). Most of these are exclusive, invitation-only clubs, meaning you have to play for a while and build up a reputation at the casino before you are let in the doors of the VIP club - but that's to be expected. Once inside, you will benefit from personal attention and special treatment, often with your own accounts manager to help with deposits and withdrawals. You will earn comps points quicker, get access to increased deposit bonuses and special VIP-only specials and promos. Some even give out birthday and other exclusive gifts, from cash to Cuban cigars!

Most the following casino loyalty programs have several rewards tiers, and often the VIP Club is an extension of that. Some of the programs offer an independent program for High Rollers. Each one is unique, so take your time to look over what each one offers to find the program you think is best for you. Once you start making big deposits and earning lots of comps, trust us, the managers will notice!

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Best Casino Loyalty Programs
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