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A former photographer, Jonathan has written extensively about the gambling industry over the last few years. Though perfectly happy chatting at a gaming trade show or lounging in the casino, his favorite place is on a motorcycle with his trusty hound, Yolo. (OK..he's a tiny Maltese)

  • How To Find Gambling Success With Development Philosophies

    Though the vast majority of casino gambling revolves around luck, you can improve your winning chances by taking a disciplined approach to the game play, risk and your own bankroll management. This sees gambling through the lens of a number of well-known development philosophies more commonly found at business school. Use these to maitain a clear head at the gaming table and a more healthy approach towards profit and loss. In the long run, you'll ecome more stoic and thereby a better player.

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  • The Top Most Exciting Horse Racing-Themed Slot Games

    With so many different slots themes to be played, all online casino gamblers can find the one that perfectly fits their needs and wants. And so it goes with those who enjoy watching and betting on real-life horse racing. Many of the world's top game developers have produced excting horse racing-themed slot games. In fact, some are actually based on famous horse races like the Kentucky Derby. All the games we've listed offer generous return to player percentages, aloing with great gameplay.

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  • A Complete Guide To The Tour de France

    Every July hundreds of thousands of cycling fans make their way to France. They are there to watch the world's greatest and most arduous bicycle race, the Tour de France. In 2023, the race started in Bilbao, in Spain. It'll end on the 23rd of July in Paris at the Champs-Elysees. In between will be a number of testing sections including flat, hill, mountain, and time trials. The overall winner gets a prize of 500,000 Euros, making it one of the most lucrative races in the world.

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  • Can Adult-Centred Las Vegas Ever Be Family Friendly?

    Bringing your kids to Las Vegas is a really bad idea. And though the city might pretend to love families visiting, they really don't. Las vegas has been designed to be an adult playground from the ground up. It's sole purpose is for gamblers to have fun. From a business perpective, anything that takes away from that aim is bad. Because kids are forbidden by law from entering a casino, it means finding something else for the to do whilst mom and dad are hitting up the progressive jackpot slots.

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  • Japan's First Casino Get The Go Ahead In Osaka

    After waiting what seems like an eterity, Japan will finally be getting its first land-based casino in Osaka. However, this has coinsidered with a rise in social awareness about gambling related problems. Many Japanese people don't ike the idea of yet more gambling opportunities, as the country is already experiencing issues with gambling addiction. As getting anything resolved in Japan requires political savvy, expect the project to be done, but only after encountering many hic-cups.

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