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A former photographer, Jonathan has written extensively about the gambling industry over the last few years. Though perfectly happy chatting at a gaming trade show or lounging in the casino, his favorite place is on a motorcycle with his trusty hound, Yolo. (OK..he's a tiny Maltese)

  • Why There's A Compass At The Casino Roulette Table?

    If you're in a new and busy environment, you'll sometimes miss small details unless someone points them out to you. And so it's the same story with the casino compass. Embedded into the roulette table, and sitting next to the spinning wheel, you can find a tiny compass. At first glance, it'll have you scratching your head. Why put a compass on a roulette wheel? But the casino's reasoning is that it'll help discourage cheats from using magnets to alter the course of the tiny ivory ball.

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  • Keno Games Vs Lotteries - Which Are The Better Option For Gamblers?

    On first sight, both Keno games and the lottery look similar. After all, you're selecting numbers, crossing your fingers and hoping they're drawn giving you some winnings. But there are some important differences, which may be subtle, but make the game play of one much more enjoyable. But because Keno can be played at any time, and with a larger selection of numbers, it get's our vote. Having said that, when it come down to the odds, both are terrible games, with little chance to actually win.

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  • Craps - The Concise History Behind This Popular Dice Game

    Being based on a dice game from over three millennia ago, the game of craps hasn't changed much. But the name has undergone some changes. This leads us to wonder exactly where and how these name changes came about. Unfortunately, tracing back the history of a name is no easy tasks. What's interesting is that some of the ideas behind the name are exotic, whereas others are completely mundane. For example, there's a theory that the name underwent a change because of a simply type error in a book.

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  • Pai Gow - Is This Casino Table Game The Same As Poker?

    Pai Gow poker is one of many poker variations from around the world. Others include the popular variant of Texan Hold'em poker and Jackpot Poker. Pai Gow is what's known as a "house-banked" game. In reality, the translates as a much more difficult way to take home any winnings because the house edge favours the casino to such a degree that you're bound to lose in the long run. But though the winning odds may be against you, it's still a fun game that requires brains as well as brawn.

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  • Action Reverse Bet - Can You Make Money With This Exotic Bet?

    All sportsbooks will have a huge number of different betting markets on offer. Some of these will be straightforward and easy to understand. Others more difficult. The action reverse bet falls into the latter category. Essentially, you're stringing a number of bets together, but in reverse order of play. Each bet is separate and only comes into play provided the previous bet wins. So, if you lose just one bet, then you'll lose all the bets. In truth, it's a risky venture, but with a big prize.

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