Best Multiple Jackpot Slot Machines in July 2024

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An Introduction to Multiple Jackpots

Progressive slots can be confusing for many online gamblers as they come with multiple jackpots attached to them. Multiple jackpot games simply mean that there is more than one jackpot for a single game. For example, the most popular and famous jackpot of all time is the Mega Moolah and it features four jackpots. On the whole, these multiple jackpots are set off via bonus rounds which give you more spins. Sometimes a bonus wheel is a popular choice by game developers. Sometimes these jackpots can be triggered randomly. There is no rhyme or reason.

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The Best Multiple Jackpots in July 2024

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Always Check The Paytable

At we suggest that you always look at the paytable on each slot machine to fully understand how the game works. Particularly if you’re new to online casino gambling. This way you can prepare and know what you’re aiming for. Of course, you can play online slots for free, just don’t be mad is you win the jackpots without betting real money!

Best Multiple Jackpot Slot Machines

First things first. If you’re looking for the best multiple jackpot slot machines then we should first explain exactly what online multiple jackpots are. The best multiple jackpot machines will payout a progressive jackpot. Unlike a fixed or local jackpot, this is often a huge sum. With these multiple jackpots, the payout always varies. As each player bets, a portion of the wager goes towards the amount in the pot. Thereby, over time, the pot value keeps increasing until it’s hit. When that happens, then the lucky winner gets a whole jackpot amount, and the jackpot then goes back to its minimum level. Online progressive slots display the pot amount so you can easily see the jackpot value before you start to play.

Find Sites With Multiple Jackpots

Also, we should have a quick look at another type of jackpot, namely, the shared progressive jackpot. These are where different online slots games share the same progressive jackpot. So when a player places a bet on any one of these games, then the common progressive pot goes up in value. All the linked games will show the same jackpot value on the pay table. If a player strikes it lucky and wins, then the payout amount goes back to the same minimal setting across all the participating machines.

All Levels Rise, Only One Pays Out

With the biggest multiple jackpots online, each machine has a number of jackpots that can be triggered independently. This form of progressive slot takes a portion of each bet and distributes it separately to each jackpot level. That’s why each jackpot level keeps on increasing in value. When the player hits a particular level, it’s that level that pays out. The other levels remain the same and keep on going up. In multi-level jackpots, the slot game has a number of different jackpots that can be independently hit.

Play The Best Multiple Jackpot Slot Machines

The part of the player’s wager that is going to the jackpot is broken up and goes separately to each jackpot level. Hence each jackpot level keeps on increasing. When a particular level is hit, then this level goes back to the minimum level whereas the other jackpots carry on rising as before. Because there are multiple possibilities of hitting a payout, multiple jackpots slots are probably the most exciting ones to play. Also, there’s the fact that you can win smaller amounts but more often, which increases your jackpot winning chances. We review these under our multiple jackpot ratings system and list all their plus and minus points. This helps to narrow down your choices in order to ensure you only play on the best multiple jackpot slot machines and don’t waste either your time or money.

Mega Moolah

One of the best multiple jackpot slot machines is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. Launched way back in 2006. This is a multiple jackpot progressive game. The trigger for jackpot and bonus games is random. When playing this type of bonus game, a wheel is spun. Then, depending on which of the four colors the pointer lands, a different jackpot can be won. Prizes range from $10 to $1 million. Be sure to check out our multiple jackpot reviews below.