Best Local Jackpot Slot Machines in May 2024

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An Introduction to Local Jackpots

Also known as local progressives or proprietary progressives. This is essentially a jackpot for just one game in one casino. Just as with all progressive jackpots, the amount can grow but only at a “local” level. Casino-pooled local jackpots take a small percentage from each spin on a particular game at a casino. Then this amount contributes this towards a local, or casino-pooled, jackpot amount.

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The Best Local Jackpots in May 2024

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    UK Thunderball Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: Fixed Jackpot
    Four Times Weekly!
    Fixed Jackpot

    Cons: Only £500,000

    Bottom Line: UK Thunderball is a fixed lottery jackpot that plays 4 times a week!

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    Jackpot Raiders Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: Multiple Jackpots
    Many Bonus Features

    Cons: Lack of a Wild

    Bottom Line: Jackpot Raiders is one of the best jackpot slots ever produced by Yggdrasil.

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    Cosmic Fortune Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: Multiple Jackpots
    Progressive Jackpot
    Awesome Gameplay
    Two Bonus Games

    Cons: Smaller jackpots not to big

    Bottom Line: Cosmic Fortune is an awesome NetEnt multiple jackpot slot. Find both fixed and progressive prizes.

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    Stoned Joker Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: There's a Progressive Jackpot
    Awesome Double Up 'Gamble' Feature

    Cons: No Free Spins
    No Bonus Games

    Bottom Line: Stoned Joker is a hilarious game with an interesting concept. Definitely worth a go!

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    Joker Millions Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: Awesome Local Progressive Jackpot
    Very hip Freeze and Re-spin Features

    Cons: Not Accessible Everywhere

    Bottom Line: Joker Millions is a local progressive jackpot slot which is also a popular choice among players.

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The Number of Punters Counts

Although multiple casinos can be sharing the same single slot game, each casino will be operating the game individually. To that end, the jackpot for the same game will grow at a different rate. Everything depends on the punters at that particular casino. Of course, with a much smaller base of punters, the local jackpot tends to be of only medium size compared to casino network jackpots, which can reach millions. All major online casinos offer local jackpots. Many are simply a marketing strategy to get more players by offering higher payouts than stand-alone games, but much less than network jackpots.

The Best Local Jackpot Slot Machines

So just what are the best local jackpot slot machines? Well, let’s first have a look at what these machines are about. This type of jackpot machine occurs, as you’ve probably guessed, at the local level. The gameplay and payout are confined to just one casino. Because of this, only a customer of that particular casino can win a local jackpot. Just as with progressive jackpots, the local one can only grow from wagers placed by the players. Having said that, the biggest local jackpots online are never going to compare with the best progressive jackpot slot machines.

Find Sites With Local Jackpots

From this, you can surmise that local jackpots are only available to players from one game in just one online casino. Simply put, if a player is playing in Casino “X”, his payout can only come from that site. Likewise, if he’s playing in Casino “Y”, then, just as before, his payout can only come from Casino “Y”. It’s similar to a local lottery in that only persons from the community can play. So though you might see the same slot game in multiple online casinos, each casino will show a different jackpot total for that particular game. Keep in mind that these pots may grow at different rates, according to how often and how many wagers are put into them. Sometimes people confuse this system with sites with fixed jackpots, but you must see that these are two totally different things.

One Machine Equals One Player

Scrolling through online jackpot sites, you’ll find many leading online casinos are offering local jackpots slots. They often refer to these as “Local Progressives” or “Proprietary Progressives.” This is a great way to engage with players because the chances of hitting the jackpot are much better than when playing network or area progressive games. Because the size of the online local jackpots cannot hope to reach the levels afforded by linking lots of machines together in a network, the payouts are often around the $100,000 level. Not bad going!  Because these pots are smaller, the machines are programmed to pay out more often.

Local Progressive Jackpots

If you’re playing online, then there is the option with some casinos, to be able to play multiple slots on any number of casinos, but all for local jackpots. Essentially, the internet lets you view many machines. This way you can see the best local jackpots slot machines listed for each one. But keep in mind these may be different amounts from casino to casino. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits your purpose, and then place your bet. But remember, your winnings can only come from the machine you played on.

Must Drop Jackpots

A recent development in local jackpots is the introduction of an exciting concept; the “Must Drop Local Jackpot”. This is a local jackpot that gets triggered either when it reaches a certain pot size. It can also trigger at a certain time of the day. Many big-name casinos use this as a marketing tool because there’s a guarantee of a payout each and every day. In fact, it’s probably one of the most exciting aspects of gameplay to recently see the light. The probability of hitting the jackpot increases exponentially the closer you get to either of those triggers. And to that end, you’ll notice that these machines get extremely busy with all the attention from hopeful players. You might want to read the best jackpot site ratings to find sites where you can play these games!

Find The Best Local Jackpot Slot Machine Jackpot For You

It’s always a good idea to look for these types of local jackpots before you play. They guarantee you an exciting time, with an even greater possibility of winning. Have a look at our local jackpots ratings for slot machines to find the best sites for your enjoyment. Good Luck! We hope you will make it to the latest lottery news quickly!