The Best Scratch Cards in October 2021

For the best online scratch card sites, you’ve come to the right place. The iGaming industry took it in their stride to expand their merchandise around 2010 by giving in to the popular demand for online scratch card titles. Scratch Cards, or as they are referred to as instant games, are typically extremely cheap. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll know if you’ve won anything or lost. If you’re interested in playing the instant lottery games, stay with us as we give you a proper insight of how this can be achieved online. 

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The Best Scratch Cards in October 2021

Some History

The first scratchcards were brought about in the 1970s-1980s depending on which country you go for. And, over the course of 30 years, the game has truly developed on all fronts. 

Typically, the standard scratchers have a symmetric grid such as 3×3 or 5×5. Your task is to scratch out the blocked symbols and see if you can reveal any three matching icons. Ultimately, what makes scratchies so lovable is that it all boils down to luck. 

online scratch cards
Similar scratchcard designs can be found all over the world (Image source Jefferson Krua, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Nowadays, thanks to the advancement in technology, Scratch Cards have got far more about them. Among fascinating themes, players can find instant games with minimum and maximum bets, playlines, RTP (Return to Player) and the paytable. All outcomes of such games are chosen by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This mechanism allows the game to unfold completely at random to avoid foul-play. Although the traditional Scratch Cards are made out of paper, the modern virtual games are arguably far more sophisticated. You’ve also got a selection of playing on the internet and also on smartphones. That includes the likes of Android and iOS devices. Tune in to find out how to play scratch cards online

What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch Cards are the instant way of gambling. Hence, they’re also referred to as instant games. They consist of a symmetric grid with a specific theme to it. All you’ve got to do is uncover the hidden icons and hope to match a few symbols. 

There are many different types of Scratch Card games. For instance, a popular Blackjack version is where you’ve got to reveal five numbers. If all numbers add up to make 21, you win. Moreover, if one of the numbers is larger than a specific amount, you also can claim a profit. 

In a nutshell, there are many different ways of winning a scratch ticket. Ultimately, although the themes may vary, you will know in a matter of seconds whether you’ve won or not. 

Why Choose Scratch Cards?

Perhaps the first question that should be answered is what makes Scratch Cards so appealing? It’s no secret that the appeal of scratchies is down to the instant results. Most players will tell you that thanks to the fast-paced nature of the game, playing Scratch Cards is certainly way more fun. Another note to take is that scratchies do not require any skill. It is purely down to luck. Hence, another reason why to play scratch cards online at the best sites to win jackpot.

All it takes to win is a single ticket. Playing Scratch Cards online gives a completely different atmosphere. This is due to the updated graphics and themes plus the variety of choice. Not only do you have Scratch Card games which are based off of slots, you’ve also got roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack and many more casino games. Not to mention, several casinos host tournaments. These can be found in our section for online scratch card promotions.

How to Play Online

Playing online is slightly different than buying a real-life scratch card. The virtual game can be accessed on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Primarily, the contrast of playing online is that you’ve got far more additions to the instant lottery game.

online scratch cards
You can play scratch cards on the go

For instance, when playing online, you can find both the basic form of scratchies and some other variations. Some instant games may offer bonus features such as multipliers and free/mini games. Others may be themed off of a TV show or artist which are known as branded games. Ultimately, if you want to play scratch cards online, your safest bet is to play at one of our best online scratch card sites if you are tired of the best jackpot slot machines.

Most Popular Scratch Card Games

The most popular scratchies are the ones from the big-name providers. For instance, software supplier Microgaming is well-regarded as having an abundance of instant lottery games. To mention a few, Scratch Off Ra and 777 come to mind.

Aside from that, you can find many other rewarding scratchies. Notably, the scratch cards with the biggest jackpot are always going to be a homerun. Jackpot scratch card games are truly a great way to play scratch cards on Android/iOS. They’re well compact with the biggest prizes of them all!

In fact, one of the biggest scratch card wins in recent times was recorded by a football fan in County Tyrone. The Brit won a staggering £250,000 from a single scratch ticket playing one of the best national lottery scratch card games in the UK.

Best Online Scratch Card Sites

If you’re convinced that online scratch cards are the quick and easy way to riches, you’d better take a look at one of our many scratch card sites. Notably, Casino Room has turned a corner and started offering several scratchies to the public. 

online scratch cards
Online scratch cards are as much as traditional ones (Image source: Jefferson Krua, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

You’ll find that our recommended list of sites which offer scratch off games are also highly trustworthy. Your safest bet is to play at a gambling site in which you feel comfortable. Plus, it’s always a boost if that site offers online scratch card bonuses. Keep in mind, however, some of these sites may require some sort of Flash Player when playing on PC. You can avoid all of this by using various mobile scratch card apps. If they’re available of course. 


How to play scratch cards on mobile?

Very simple. Log-in to one of the scratch card casinos with mobile and select the instant game you wish to play. 

How to play scratch cards online?

Log-in to one of our scratch card casinos and click on the game you wish to play. Registration may be required beforehand at some sites. The rules of the game and how to win will be written in the manual for the game. 

Why should I play scratch cards online?

Playing scratchies online has got way more about it than the traditional way. Aside from new themes, you’ve got some games with additional bonus features and games. In addition to the expansion of choice, modern scratchies are also far more popular than real-life ones.