Toto Jackpot Ratings in May 2024

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An Introduction to Toto Betting

Toto betting is also known as “pools” betting or pari-mutuel betting. It’s unique in that you’re not betting against a book maker. Rather you’re wagering against other better of the same event. All bets go into a pool and are then shared equally among those that made winning projections. This form of gambling is most often used at football matches and on horse racing. There are no fixed odds. The results depend on the number of betters placing bets in the pool and the number of people who win. There are often jackpots which are often made up of un-won prizes from previous sessions.

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The Best Toto Jackpots in May 2024

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    ESports FIFA TOTO Jackpot Analysis

    Pros: Weekly Progressive
    eSports competition

    Cons: Many games to choose from

    Bottom Line: The FIFA TOTO jackpot can be won by any lucky player weekly if they guess the correct outcomes.

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    TOTO 15 Jackpot Analysis

    TOTO 15 Jackpot Analysis

    4.7 Editor's Rating Editor's Choice


    Pros: Weekly progressive prize
    Prize pool increases every week
    Live Streaming on all games

    Cons: Lots of games
    Unknown matches and leagues

    Bottom Line: The TOTO 15 is one of the most popular jackpots at 1xBET Sportsbook. Correctly select 15 games and win the progressive.

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Best Toto Jackpot Ratings

Use our Toto jackpot ratings to discover the best sites for Toto or “pools” games. These games generally involve betting on the home win, away win, draw, and/or final score of a predetermined number of games/matches. It normally goes hand in hand with football. Unlike progressive jackpot lotteries that are completely dependent on luck, Toto is a game in which players must analyze and predict the outcome of the game in detail. All the bets from the players are put into the Toto pool before the start of the games. When the matches are over, then the winning players share the prize. Have a look at the Toto rules and follow the steps in the Toto guide before you play.

Check Out Our Toto Jackpot Ratings

Toto is a pari-mutuel game. This means that the payout % of the game is not changing. To that end, the prizes for the winners are also not changing, but are dependent on the whole income from the betting pool, the number of winners and the % payout on offer. You can learn more about the online jackpot rules here.

There are many sites with Toto jackpots, like Toto 15, which are often the total of un-won prizes from previous competitions. Essentially, the players are betting against each other and there is nothing for the betting operator to lose. Have a look at our Toto jackpot ratings to check them out. And feel free to read up about the best jackpot strategies to win big.

There Are 3 Types of Toto Games

1. 1-x-2 Betting

This is probably the most popular form of Toto betting and people play in many countries around the globe. The idea is to predict the outcome for a certain number of football matches. A Home Win equals “1”, a Draw, “X” and an Away Win equals, “2”.

2. Select Betting

Here you’ll be needing to pick a number of matches out of, say 45 matches. “draw betting” means you need to predict the number of drawn matches. “Goal betting” means you’ll have to pick the matches with the highest number of winning goals. Interestingly, Select betting isn’t so popular in Europe, where everyone plays 1-X-betting.

3. Result Betting

This is simply where the punters try and predict the exact score for any fixed number of football matches.

Toto Systems

There are 3 types of Toto systems based around the number of betting predictions per game. A “Single” is one prediction, followed by a “Double” and a “Triple”, with two or three predictions per match. For example, a 9 – 3 – 2 Toto ticket means 9 Singles, 3 Doubles, and 2 Triples are predicted. We have a guide so that you can learn all about Toto strategies.

Always keep up to date with our Toto jackpot ratings. We take a good look at all the important factors around Toto betting. You can find out the best sites, like Toto 15 with Toto jackpots thanks to our latest Toto jackpot reviews.