Welcome To The Jackpotfinder Glossary

If you’re new to the world of gambling and betting, then the jargon can be a bit overwhelming. Though most online gambling games are pretty simple to play, the language that surrounds them can at times be unintelligible mumbo-jumbo. And nothing is going to stop your gambling faster than an unknown word. In fact there’s a whole world of slang terms, built up over many years, known only to seasoned gamblers. It’s both confusing and intimidating for the new player. Not only is the gambling industry in a constant flux, but gamblers themselves are a superstitious bunch. They are forever inventing new names for luck and bad luck.

Learn Your Gambling Jargon

At JackpotFinder.com, we’ve taken the time and effort to compile an extensive glossary of all gambling terms, idioms and jargon. Here you’ll get to grips with casino terms, gambling speak, slang terms, definitions and the meaning of any number of gambling words. Whether you’re stepping into the world of off-line or online gambling, it’s always good to prepare yourself. We suggest that you bookmark this page and return here whenever you come across a new phrase or term that’s unknown to you.