Champions League Betting Superprize at 1xBET – Win 30,000$

Win the Champions League betting superprize of up to $30,000 at 1xBET Sportsbook. Yes, it is possible. Just make predictions for the next UEFA Champions League matches and get a chance to win. Moreover, you can win other valuable prizes as well.

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Make predictions for the next UEFA Champions League matches at 1xBET Sportsbook and get a chance to win a Champions League betting superprize of $30,000. Moreover, you can win $20,000 if you come second, and $10,000 if you come third. Furthermore, the winners from the 4th-6th places will get valuable prizes like Apple iPad Pro. 

Champions League betting superprize – win $ 20,000-second prize

So, let’s dive right into the details of the promotion and how to take part.

How to take part

  • Make predictions for the next UEFA Champions League matches.
  • Confirm your prediction by placing a bet on any event (the minimum stake is 715 AMD).
  • Points are awarded for correct predictions.
  • Collect points and win prizes!

How bonus points are awarded

  • For each score predicted correctly points are awarded depending on the current stage of the UEFA Champions League.
  • Depending on the stage, points are awarded as follows:
    • Round of 16 – 16 matches: 10 points/match (maximum number of points is 160)
    • Quarter-finals – 8 matches: 15 points/match (maximum number of points is 120)
    • Semi-finals – 4 matches: 20 points/match (maximum number of points is 80)
    • The final match: 40 points/match (maximum number of points: 40)
  • The maximum number of points that a participant can collect: 400 points

Champions League betting superprizes:

  • 1st place:30 000 USD(1 winner)
  • 2nd place:20 000 USD(1 winner)
  • 3rd place:10 000 USD(1 winner)
  • 4th place: Apple iPad Pro 256 Gb 2020 (1 winner)
  • 5th place: Apple iPad Air 10.9” 256Gb 2020 (1 winner)
  • 6th place: Apple iPad 128Gb 2020 (1 winner)

Runner-up Prizes:

  • 7th – 26th place:5 000bonus points (20 winners)
  • 57th – 96th place:3 000bonus points (40 winners)
  • 97th – 146th place:2 000bonus points (50 winners)
  • 147th – 246th place:1 000bonus points (100 winners)
  • 247th – 446th place:500bonus points (200 winners)
  • 447th – 746th place:300bonus points (300 winners)

Champions League betting superprize – Terms of awarding prizes:

  • The main prize will be awarded to the customer who accrues the most points by the end of the promotion period.
  • In the event that two or more participants collect an equal number of points and are both eligible for a prize, the participant who was the first to make the qualifying prediction will be awarded the prize. Other participants with the same number of points will take places according to the points rankings and the time when their predictions were made.
  • Winners of the main prizes will not be eligible for any additional or runner-up prizes.
  • Participants can win only one prize each, once only.
  • Cash prizes are automatically credited to the winners’ accounts. There are no requirements for withdrawing cash prizes.
  • Bonus points will be awarded automatically.

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