simon 1xBET Sportsbook Review Within this 1xBET Sportsbook review, we take a look at how the gambling operator has become one of the biggest betting suppliers in the industry. In terms of their sportsbook, they’ve got the largest content without a shadow of a doubt. Off the field, they have recently agreed sponsorship deals with La Liga Champions, FC Barcelona. So, just how much do you actually know about the 1xBET sportsbook product?

1xBETSportsbook Rating, Review & Payouts - June 2024

Within this 1xBET Sportsbook review, we take a look at how the gambling operator has become one of the biggest betting suppliers in the industry. In terms of their sportsbook, they’ve got the largest content without a shadow of a doubt. Off the field, they have recently agreed sponsorship deals with La Liga Champions, FC Barcelona. So, just how much do you actually know about the 1xBET sportsbook product?
100% up to €100

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions: Minimum deposit is €1. The Welcome Bonus must be wagered 5 times on at least 3 accumulators with minimum betting odds of 1.40 on each event. Players are required to verify themselves (KYC) when requested and must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

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  • Pros
    • Over 1,000 Sporting Events Daily
    • Live Streaming on almost Everything
    • Cryptocurrency Players Welcome
    • Very Frequent Bonuses and Promotions
    • Weekly TOTO Jackpot
  • Cons
    • Only one License - Curaçao
    • Customer Support not fast enough
    • Verification on withdrawals
    • No UK or US players
  • Bottom Line

    1xBET Sportsbook is the ideal sports betting site for punters who will bet on just about anything. Aside from your not-so-well-known sports (i.e cockfighting) you've got a weekly TOTO progressive jackpot up for grabs

JackpotFinder Editor's Rating

  • Banking5.0
  • Bonuses5.0
  • Games5.0
  • Presentation4.0
  • Support4.5
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Our 1xBET Sportsbook review aims to give you an extensive understanding of all the good and bad parts of the online casino. 1xBET has made a name for themselves over the past few years and now brags about having over 1,000 sporting events on a daily basis. The weekly TOTO jackpot at 1xBET is also another home-run with customers, so we’ll be analysing each jackpot prize in-depth. 

Having launched in 2011, the past several years have seen a steady rise for 1xBET. Their sportsbook product is possibly the most popular online betting site in today’s gaming market. This can be credited to offering high betting odds for customers and a wide variety of accepted bets. Within this handle, we’ve got to mention that 1xBET even accepts bets on cockfighting with additional live streaming. If you’re searching within their casino product, you may even find various table games featuring topless croupiers.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: An Introduction

Without stepping any further into this review, we’ve got to clear up some issues. There’s no hiding, 1xBET has received criticism from some players and even the UK Gambling Commission. The latter is due to their cockfighting streams and ‘unethical’ topless dealers. If you can get over those two issues, then you’re in for a good time.

The former issue, concerning player complaints, is the more pressing matter. Many punters are fed up with 1xBET given their way of handling players. According to most sources, players have reported bad customer service and troubles when withdrawing money. Now, we know exactly what you’re thinking. Withdrawing winnings is the only reason why anybody would sign up for a casino or sportsbook site in the first place. And you’re 100% correct!

1xBET is a sportsbook site which does not request any customer verification until a player actually wants to withdraw from their account. Hence, players find many issues trying to take out their winnings. But, the site are well within their right to do so. Would it be better to ask for identification before you start betting? Yes, there’s no doubt about it. But, 1xBET handles their business in their own way.

So, before you start believing that the company is a scam, simply make sure that you have all the required documents before placing any wagers and you’ll find that life with 1xBET sportsbook isn’t bad at all.

To finish this introduction, we just want to inform all our readers that the sportsbook site is fully equipped with the Curaçao Gaming Authority license.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: 5 Second Registration and Welcome Bonus

There’re quite a few advantages for signing up with 1xBET. As mentioned before, because there’s no verification required at the start of your 1xBET journey, signing-up couldn’t be easier. New coming players are also given a generous 100% first deposit bonus up to €100.

Get Ready for a Long List of 1xBET Bonuses and Promotions

We’re not even kidding. The number of bonuses and promotions which 1xBET offers players is ridiculous.

To begin with, we’ve got a good one for you, the Lucky Friday offer. Every deposit made on Friday’s will be worth 100%, thus, doubling your deposit. The limit for this bonus is €100 but can be activated with as low as €1.

Next up, we take a glance at the 2x Wednesday offer. For all of you who’ve deposited on Lucky Friday and redeemed your wagers, you’re entitled to double up again using the 2x Wednesday bonus. Equally, this bonus also has a €100 limit.

Here’s another one for you, the Cash2Code Cashback bonus. When topping up your account, use the Cash2Code payment system. By doing so, you’ll receive a cashback from 5% to 15% as a promo code.

Did you think we were finished? No way José! There’s still the Accumulator of the Day bonus. This 1xBET Sportsbook perk is quite simple. The site has over 1,000 sporting events every single day. Of that bunch, the operator will choose the most interesting events and combine them into several Accumulators.  If your Accumulator of the Day wins, they’ll increase your odds by 10%.

Last but not least, we’ve got to inform you about the Sports/Live Bet Slip Battle. This one is all about intuition. By placing a bet on a sporting event with odds between 30 and 501, you may receive a bonus the following month. This one only requires a €0.70 stake.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Lucky Friday Terms and Conditions: Offer is only valid on Fridays (00.00-23.59). Minimum deposit is €1. Players must redeem bonus by placing three accumulator bets of at least three sports events with minimum betting odds of 1.40 each. Failure to place three wagers within 24 hours will forfeit the bonus. Players must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

2xWednesday Terms and Conditions: Only players who’ve redeemed the Lucky Friday bonus can participate. Place 5 bets on Monday and 5 bets on Tuesday with betting odds of at least 1.40. The stake for the two days should be equal to the stake used for the Lucky Friday bonus. After completion, deposit on Wednesday to receive a 100% bonus. The 2xWednesday promotion requires players to place three accumulator bets of at least three sports events with minimum betting odds of 1.40 each. Failure to place three wagers within 24 hours will forfeit the bonus. Players must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

Cash2Code Cashback Terms and Conditions: Players can get a 5% cash back using a promo code on deposits of at least €5. Players will get a 10% cash back using the code on deposits of at least €30. Players receive a 15% cash back on deposits of at least €50.

To unlock the promo code, players must place a pre-match or live accumulator bet with at least 1.50 odds on each sports event. For the 5% code, players must place three events in the accumulator. The 10% promo code requires four events and the 15% requires five events.

You can only receive cash back bonus once per day. The promo code will come at least 24 hours later and is valid for 24 hours. Players must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

Accumulator of the Day Terms and Conditions: You can only place bets using funds from your main account (excluding bonus funds). You cannot use an Advancebet for the Accumulator of the Day. The contents of the Accumulators cannot be changed. Players must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

Sports/Live Bet Slip Battle Terms and Conditions: Minimum wager must be at least €0.70. Offer starts on the 1st each month.

The overall amount of the Sports/Live bonus is determined by 1xBet and equals 5% of the sum total of all bets at odds of 30 or higher made by all 1xBet customers in the course of the month.

The overall jackpot for the month is split into 20 parts between 20 bet slips with the highest odds: 10 winning bets on Sports and 10 winning Live bets.

The bonus is awarded between the 1st and the 5th (inclusive) of the month following the month of the jackpot. To be able to withdraw the bonus, you must place a bet with the stake equal to the bonus amount on a sporting event with odds of 1.9 or higher. Players must be over 18 years of age. General terms and conditions apply.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: More than Just Sports Games

For many punters, finding the most popular sport events is fulfilling enough. But then there’s that group. The niche audience. The ones who are looking to place bets on ‘not your everyday sports’. Well, to those of you in that category, you’re in the right place.

As we’ve already built it up a bit, you’re more than aware that 1xBET accepts wagers on cockfighting. But if you thought that was it, you’re in the wrong. The sky’s the limit at 1xBET.

To mention a few, 1xBET offers betting odds on just about anything. The weather, TV bets and even politics. But then, when going below the surface, you start to find more unusual bets. These include sports such as arm-wrestling and rock, paper, scissors.

Take into consideration, there’s over 1,000 different sporting events every single day. Consequently, you will find the strangest bets accepted on just about anything, including space and celebrity sexuality.

One major factor to this is that 1xBET offers live streaming on almost all their sporting content, meaning you can follow your bets win as they play live.

1xBET Sportsbook TOTO: Closest you’ll get to a Jackpot

Unlike the 1xBET Casino, the sportsbook product hasn’t got an official sports betting jackpot. Mind you, they more than make up for this by offering TOTO. So, what is TOTO?

TOTO is a selection of sporting events chosen by the sportsbook site. When placing small wagers on the outcome of the games, you could stand to make millions! The overall jackpot prize in TOTO is a progressive system, meaning all bets build up the total prize.

And, until someone correctly predicts the outcome, the prize pool keeps increasing week-in, week-out. Winners get to share that grand total with one another. To make it more interesting, 1xBET Sportsbook has seven different TOTO possibilities on offer. No wonder they’re dominating our list for the best sports betting jackpots online.

1xBET’s TOTO 15

The first one we’ll look at is the TOTO 15. This one is usually the biggest TOTO jackpot which 1xBET offers. At the start of each week, players will find 15 different football matches – albeit from not-popular leagues (Wales, Serie B and the Championship) – and place a minimum wager of €1. The minimum jackpot for this one is at least €1 million. Mind you, this prize may be shared.

TOTO Football Jackpot at 1xBET

Next up, let’s look at the TOTO Football. For soccer fans, this one is probably more like it. Although the prize total is not as big as the former, you’re given 14 of the most popular weekend games, each week.

Correct Score Online TOTO Jackpot

After the TOTO Football, it’s high time we take a look at the Correct Score Online TOTO. This one is quite possibly the hardest one to win. Players only need to wager €0.10 on eight games but will be required to predict the exact outcome of those matches. The prize pool is also quite high for this jackpot too.

Free to Play the 1xTOTO for Bonus Points

The 1xTOTO is our next inspection. What’s great about this one is that it’s free to play and it’s a daily offer. Although there’s no cash prize for selecting the right 12 results, players can be rewarded with bonus points. Selecting 12 out of 12 will see winners rewarded with 10,000 bonus points!

Play the TOTO Ice Hockey at 1xBET

Now that we’re done with the Football TOTO Jackpot offers from 1xBET, let’s get into some other sports. 1xBET has a TOTO Ice Hockey which will require players to predict the exact outcome of 5 weekend hockey matches. This jackpot is not as popular as other sports, so the prize pool cash is not as rewarding. But it’s still a jackpot!

Win the TOTO Basketball Jackpot with a Minimum Wager

1xBET also has a TOTO Basketball, which will only require a minimum deposit of €0.42. Players must choose the outcome of 9 games featured from the Euroleague, FIBA EuroBasket and NBA.

eSports-FIFA TOTO comes with a Bang!

Last but not least, surprisingly, the eSports-FIFA TOTO is the usually the first or second highest paying TOTO jackpot at 1xBET. As you’ve probably guessed, players will be required to predict the outcome of 15 eSports-FIFA games, but will see a total prize pool of over €1 million shared out between winners. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, you won’t want to miss this one.

Sponsoring the Football World

Aside from having the best TOTO jackpot slot machines you’ll find in sportsbooks, 1xBET have more to them. As mentioned before, the online casino has come a long way since 2011. They’ve become one of the primary iGaming operators in the industry. And, they’ve boosted their reputation in the sporting world as well.

As it stands, 1xBET has a sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, who are possibly the best football club in the world today. In addition, they’ve also struck deals with the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A and the Brazilian Serie A.

Besides those top leagues (barring the Brazilian premiership) 1xBET also has connections in Africa. They currently sponsor the national team of Nigeria and the Nigerian Premier League. In 2019, 1xBET expanded their influence on sporting events by backing the Africa Cup of Nations. They were official partners for the tournament which is held every two years.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: Payment Methods

To cut a few corners short, let’s just say that banking at 1xBET should seriously not be a thing to worry about. The online sportsbook site has the most popular options known to man which include Bitcoin – that’s right, cryptocurrency!

Not only is Bitcoin accepted, but so is Litecoin, Dodgecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero and Bytecoin.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: Depositing

When looking at bank cards, the following options are available: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Royal Pay. There are absolutely no strings attached to depositing with these methods as there’s no fee and the minimum deposit amount is a low €1, ideal for all players.

Players can also use e-wallets for depositing. Methods such as QIWI, Epay, B-Pay and LinePay are all there.

Some other depositing methods include ecoPayz, Bank Transfer, AstroPay card and Neosurf. It’s also worth mentioning that 1xBET has a payment method for their sportsbook using Telegram. This allows players who use the app to send in their requested bets to Telegram account @bot1xbetBot for easy payment.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: Withdrawing

Withdrawal is very similar to the depositing methods available. The minimum withdrawal amount is €1.50. The only catch is that for bank cards, the withdrawal timeframe may take between 1 minute and seven days.

What Else is there to know about 1xBET?

As we approach the end of the review here’s a few more details about the online gambling site. 1xBET belongs to the 1xCorp NV. Having been launched in 2011, the gambling site has received quite a few makeovers before reaching its respectable reputation.

Does the operator have Live Casino? Yes. Does it have Instant Play? Also yes. Can I gamble using 1xBET if I am located in the UK? No. To access the first two, you’ll need to head on over to our review for 1xBET Casino.

The interface of 1xBET is really easy to use. Navigation should not be any concern. However, despite it’s simple layout, the site lacks some creativity on all fronts. For strictly gaming purposes though, this is the go-to sportsbook.

Getting into contact with 1xBET sportsbook isn’t difficult either. The site has a phone number (+49 800 5889574), an email address ([email protected]and Live Chat available. The only issue is sometimes they take ages to reply.

The gambling firm has a few restricted countries and the UK, the US and Sweden are included in that list. Should you wish to gamble at 1xBET Sportsbook, make sure you’re in the right country and that you’re at least 18-years-old.

1xBET Sportsbook Review: Overall Assessment

As we draw to the closing section of this 1xBET review, we hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about the operator. When signing up, we highly recommend you immediately fill in all your compulsory identification verification as this is a major problem some people have with the online gambling site. After doing so, you will find a new experience has opened up by using the 1xBET sportsbook.

Betting on arm-wrestling and cockfighting is one thing. Predicting the outcome of weekend games for a TOTO jackpot is another. One of the most impressive feats which 1xBET Sportsbook has is they are a head above all other online sportsbook sites in terms of betting content.

1xBET Sportsbook Review Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonus: Upon signing up at 1xBET Sportsbook, all new coming players get to take advantage of a 100% up to €100 bonus.

Lucky Friday: Every Friday, deposits made will earn a punter a 100% bonus up to €100.

2xWednesday: Players who've deposited and redeemed their Lucky Friday bonus will be able to participate in the 2xWednesday bonus. This will give another 100% up to €100 perk.

Cash2Code Cashback: Using the Cash2Code payment system when depositing will ensure players receive a cash back between 5% and 15% as a promo code.

Accumulator of the Day: Choose the most interesting sports events and combine them into an accumulator. If your Accumulator of the Day wins, you'll receive a 10% bonus on your betting odds.

Sports/Live Bet Slip Battle: Placing a bet on a match with odds between 30 and 501 may lead to a bonus the following month.

1xBET Sportsbook Review Specifications

  • Welcome Bonus:
    100% up to €100
  • Hottest Jackpot:
    eSports FIFA - €188,305
  • License:
    Curaçao eGaming
  • Editor's Rating:
  • Payment Methods:
    Alfa Click, Alipay, AstroPay, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, BPay, CartaSi, China Union Pay, Dankort, DineroMail, EcoCard - EcoPay, Entropay, ePay,, Euroset, Euteller, GiroPay, Lobanet, Maestro, Moneta, Neteller, Nordea Pay, PagoFácil, Postepay, Qiwi, Rapida, Redpagos, SafetyPay, Siru Mobile, Skrill, Sofort, Sticpay, Todito Cash, Trustly, Visa, Vodafone Cash Card, Voucher, Yandex Money

Restricted Countries

  • Mayotte
  • Réunion
  • Martinique
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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