Dragon Tiger Guide
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In this Dragon Tiger Guide, we take a look at the live dealer game developed from Evolution. Dragon Tiger is similar to baccarat but is even more simplified, with the logic of the game as simple as betting on which position will have a higher card. Whilst the graphics and animations of this live casino game are awesome, the gameplay is also quite enjoyable too. Have a read through for more information.

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Dragon Tiger Guide: An Introduction

At the beginning of 2018, Evolution released the well-liked live dealer game Dragon Tiger to the iGaming industry. The regulations of the live casino game are somewhat streamlined compared to live baccarat’s. It is particularly well-liked by Asian players, which may explain why there are two Dragon and Tiger positions on the table.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

In general, Dragon Tiger’s rules are simple to understand. The table has two positions: a Tiger position and a Dragon position. The player must place a wager before a round begins on either the Dragon position, the Tiger position, or for a Tie. After that, one card is dealt to each position; the position with the highest card wins the round. The payout on all basic Dragon and Tiger wagers is even money.

The Tie bet in Dragon Tiger is intriguing because the player has a choice between two possibilities. If the cards have the same value, a conventional tie pays 11:1. A Suited Tie bet, which pays out when both cards are identical, is another option available to the player. The Suited Tie wager returns 50% of the player’s initial wager in addition to paying out 50:1.

In the end, that is all there is to know about Dragon Tiger’s regulations. The round is won by the position with the greater value. Ace has the lowest value and King is the greatest.

Live Dragon Tiger from Evolution

Dragon Tiger Guide

Your best chance is to attempt the Evolution edition of Dragon Tiger if you’re keen to play the game online. The developer of the online software is regarded as one of the top producers of live casino games. The following information will help you when playing Dragon Tiger from Evolution:

  • Evolution’s Dragon Tiger uses 8 decks
  • A Tie Bet is a side bet and pays 11:1 or 50:1 for a Suited Tie
  • Evolution Dragon Tiger has two viewing modes with the quality options being low, medium, high and HD

One of the most well-liked Asian-themed live dealer games available is Evolution’s Dragon Tiger. The dealer is seated at a dark crimson table with a Dragon on the left and a Tiger on the right. This resembles, respectively, the Dragon and Tiger stances. Both of the creature statuettes in the live dealer game are made of glass, but the live dealer game is wonderfully ornamented. Similar to normal baccarat, the game’s display incorporates data from previous rounds and statistics to allow players to forecast the results of the current rounds.

A live stream of the 3D game Dragon Tiger from a casino. Players have the option to change the sound and video controls, and the dealers are skilled. Additionally, participants can access the rules and engage in live chat conversations with the dealer.


The RTP for the primary wager in Dragon Tiger is 96.27%. The RTP for ties is 89.64%, whereas the RTP for suited ties is 86.02%. While betting is limited to only 15 seconds per round, each round lasts for a full 25 seconds.

The Evolution studio in Riga is to credit for the stunning backdrop and presentation of Dragon Tiger. The statue of the creature illuminates whenever one of the positions triumphs. This makes sure that each player is aware of the round’s result and whether they won or lost.

All devices, including your mobile device, can stream Dragon Tiger. You don’t need to download any additional files; simply access the online casino site and begin playing. The choice of whether to play in portrait or landscape mode is left to the individual player.

In essence, it is feasible to play Dragon Tiger continuously. To make sure that every player can find a table with the game at an online casino site, there are regular dealer shifts. The stakes differ from table to table. The minimum wager at some tables is €1, while other tables have varying ranges, making them more suitable for low rollers. The highest bet accepted at a Dragon Tiger live game is €25,000 for high rollers.

Alternatives to Dragon Tiger

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If you are not convinced, that is not an issue. At JackpotFinder, we give our players the chance to try various online casino games, such as jackpot slots. The aim here is to give our players the chance to play their favourite casino games and slots.

Dragon Tiger takes a certain taste from a player that likes to bet on fast rounds. A round in Dragon Tiger takes around 15 seconds to complete. In addition, the rounds at Dragon Tiger only take a matter of moments to know whether you have won or lost.

If you enjoy fast round games, you may love playing online slots. There are various online slots that have similar themes to Dragon Tiger. That is to say, they could have a wildlife theme, animal theme or simply just an Asian theme. You will find many different online slots here at JackpotFinder with said themes. Feel free to take a look at our pages for more reference to these games.

The Bottom Line

Dragon Tiger is extremely similar to baccarat but is even more simple to play. The game at Evolution is complete with a Roadmap to help players predict the upcoming rounds. Evolution has the best version of Live Dragon Tiger to play online. Not only are the graphics and animations sublime, but they also offer higher odds for a Tie and Suited Tie as the additional related side bet. The game is super simple to learn and is vastly popular among Asian players.

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