Play Australian Oz Lotto: The Record Jackpot Is A$111.97 Million

Win up to A$111.97 million easily at LottoKings. Pick 7 numbers from the range 1-47 for a chance to get a prize in one of 7 prize categories.

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Play Australian Oz Lotto at LottoKings. Everything is very simple! Pick 7 numbers from the range 1-47 for a chance to win a prize in one of 7 prize categories.

In addition to the main numbers, 3 bonus balls are also drawn in each Oz Lotto draw, which are used to determine the winners in the 2nd, 4th and 7th prize categories.

  1. You can choose your numbers manually, use your saved Lucky Numbers, or play with a random set of numbers.
  2. When you buy official lottery tickets online, you can view a graphic of them before the draw with our Ticket Viewer service.
  3. Additionally, you can learn more about how to play Australian Oz Lotto.

Play Australian Oz Lotto: How to Play?

The Oz Lotto draw in Australia only takes place once a week and is well worth the wait. The game continues and the jackpots grow.

Oz Lotto has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of AUD 2 million. Jackpots are often around A$5 million or more.

The record jackpot is A$111.97 million, the largest lottery prize in Australian history. The once-a-week draw format provides high prize amounts, and each draw offers players 7 ways to win.

Nowadays, there are many online lotteries, but believe me – LottoKings is the best one. Don’t look any further! Hurry up to play Australian Oz Lotto! Nevertheless, LottoKings always encourages you to gamble responsibly. Join the fun and enjoy extra big shares almost every day.

How to Claim Australia Oz Lotto Prizes?

  1. If you win Oz Lotto, you will receive any prizes without commission deducted!
  2. Australian lottery prizes are not taxed.
  3. Try your luck with Oz Lotto and the world’s best draws at LottoKings.

Don’t forget to check our latest review about LottoKings. Read and use the information to win big shares! Good luck!

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