Luck in Sports Betting and Making It Work for You

Luck in sports betting goes a long way. Just like a winning streak. But at the same time, players may be hit with a stroke of bad luck. It may come in the expense of a bad call from a referee. Moreover, a freak turnover from backing your favorite team only for them to bottle it at the end. In both cases, the bettor has to maintain a calm attitude when hit with such a loss.

“Luck is the residue of design”. David Thoreau once wrote. However, a pro football coach (some say Vince Lombardi) slightly altered this statement to, “Luck is the residue of skill”. The latter proves to be true when finding luck in sports betting.

An Introduction to Luck in Sports Betting

Finding luck in sports betting can vary hugely depending on the selection of games and leagues. For instance, the NHL, NBA, European football and the NCAA have  longer seasons which could prove that a lucky incident is just the thing to balance out the numbers.

For instance, if there’s a team who’ve been on a 5 or 6 game run of defeats, then they could be due for a win. Even playing against heavy favorites, the underdog might just pull off a sporting miracle. Over the years, such occasions have happened countless number of times. One may recall the 2012 UEFA Champions League when Chelsea FC beat Barcelona over two-legs in the semi-finals. This was before going on to beat the German domestic winners Bayern Munich, for the football jackpot, in their backyard in the final.

Luck in the Season

Many European football teams feel the effect of overplaying. Around Christmas time, Premier League football teams are expected to play 4 games in six days. Thus, only betting on favorites could back-fire, specifically around that time. Although it’s still only luck, taking a deeper view throughout the course of the season could well pay-off.

Lucky Flukes in Sports Betting

Some of the most “flukey” plays in football can be found in the latter stages of a 90-minute match. Thinking back to the time of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United teams, brings back the “Fergie time” concept.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, ‘Fergie time’ is basically stoppage time in a game. Ferguson’s team were well-known for scoring in the last couple of minutes of the game. Thus, luck being “the residue of skill” would certainly be the case for this idea.

So, before reaching the hour-mark of a game, be sure to look at the amount of shots, corners and other key statistics. Those figures may just tell you which direction the game is going. But keep in mind that most teams make their own luck.

Putting Luck in Sports Betting to Good Use with Live Betting

The last thing you’ll need to do is to put those newly acquired skills to good use and test this theory in real sports betting. Next time you find an online sports match with a live in-game betting option, like BetOnline, go for it. If you find a live match and you see that a team has all the possession, the majority of shots, dangerous attacks and corners, a bet on the team could well pay-off during the match.

But keep in mind that luck shouldn’t become an obsessive factor when you’re betting on football, or any other sport for that matter. The truth is that the better team will typically win and luck is reduced to a mere historic footnote. It’s just up to you to figure out which team is which. Feel free to have a look through our best jackpot guides for the best sports betting sites.