About Cluster Pays Slots
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In this article, we look at everything you need to know about Cluster pays slots. Cluster Pays slots are a form of arcade video slots that are known to have amazing graphics and animations whilst also offering a variety of online bonuses to play with as well. Have a read through this guide to know all you need to know about Cluster Pays slots.

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Both classic and video slots are the most conventional types of slots. They have all the paylines and winning opportunities. However, you might want to try the Cluster Pays slots for a more cutting-edge slot experience. These games differ from the earlier ones in that they lack paylines. Instead, they must come up with alternative methods for completing lucrative combos. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Cluster Pays slots.

About Cluster Pays Slots

Contrary to the conventional rectangular design of video and classic slots, Cluster Pays arcade slots typically have a square shape. Keep in mind that not all Cluster Pays slots demand this arrangement; it is simply easier to locate.

In Cluster Pays slots, players create winning combinations by grouping symbols together rather than just matching them along paylines as they move from left to right or vice versa. Each symbol must connect either vertically or horizontally in order to create a cluster (a collection of matching symbols). On the reels, clusters cannot form diagonally. The need for creating winning combos in Cluster Pays slots is identical to that of the original Candy Crush mobile game.

Numerous bonus mechanics are a prevalent motif for these slot machines. We haven’t yet discovered a game of this genre of arcade slot machine without an avalanche feature or cascading reels. This implies that after a winning combo, all of the successful symbols are removed from the reels to make room for new symbols to land and maybe create another winning cluster.

The First Cluster Pays Slot

With Aloha!, NetEnt became the first software developer to create a Cluster Pays arcade slot. Stack Pays. The video game transformed the gaming industry when it was published in 2016. To create winning combinations, the slot machine did not adhere to any rigid paylines. The only requirement was for participants to match adjacent symbol sides, either vertically or horizontally. To produce a winning combination in the original game, nine symbols had to match in a row. Aloha! Cluster Pays is a 6-reel, 5-row slot machine. Thus, by releasing the first Cluster Pays game, NetEnt paved the path for the release of more arcade slots with comparable prizes in the future. Below, we examine the first Cluster Pays slot.

Aloha! Cluster Pays

Aloha! Cluster Pays

Aloha! Cluster Pays is a 6-reel, 5-row arcade slot that is set in sunny Hawaii. On the reels, there are Tiki, flowers, shells, pineapples, coconuts, and other tropical items. A group of at least 9 matching symbols must appear together for there to be a winning combination.

In this NetEnt slot, there are various extra bonuses incorporated. The Sticky Win Re-Spins feature is the first and most significant. In essence, a re-spin happens when a winning cluster forms and all successful symbols lock into place. By doing so, you have the opportunity to strengthen your winning cluster and possibly increase your payment. The same procedure is repeated if another cluster adds to the combination that is now displayed on your screen. Along with the cluster, it locks into place, and the remaining places undergo another re-spin. This continues until either no more symbols are added to the cluster or the cluster completely covers the grid, maximizing the win for that particular symbol.

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Free Spins

Aloha! Cluster Pays other bonus feature is the Free Spins bonus round. When you hit a minimum of three scatter symbols, this is activated. You then get nine bonus spins for doing so. 12 Free Spins might be yours if you get more scatters. Additional free spins may be triggered during the Free Spins bonus round. The calculation is done as follows:

  • 3 scatter symbols – 1 additional free spin
  • 4 scatter symbols – 2 additional free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols – 3 additional free spins
  • 6 scatter symbols – 4 additional free spins

The Free Spins bonus round has the advantage that winning chances rise with each spin. All flower symbols are taken off the reels after the first two spins. All shell symbols are eliminated when four spins are finished. The coconuts will cease to appear on the reels after six spins as well. The final removal of all pineapples occurs on the seventh spin. As a result, there is a greater possibility of landing higher-valued totem symbols because the lower-valued symbols aren’t present.

Last but not least, your last Free Spin must result in a victory. On the final free spin, you get another chance if you don’t create a winning cluster. This provides you a second chance to create a successful cluster; however, if you are still unsuccessful, there is no way to try again. Keep in mind that Sticky Win Re-Spins can still happen throughout the bonus round, giving you the opportunity to boost after every winning cluster.

In the end, Aloha! Cluster Pays is a low volatility arcade game with a 96.42% RTP. You can practice the slot machine’s wild gameplay by playing it for free in various online casinos. It makes for an engaging game experience.

Finn’s Golden Tavern Cluster Pays Slot

Finn’s Golden Tavern

The Cluster Pays slot machine from NetEnt’s Finn’s Golden Tavern is another illustrative example. The action in this game takes place on a 5×5 grid and is themed around Irish luck. A winning combination in Finn’s Golden Tavern just needs to consist of a vertical or horizontal line of three or more symbols. Irish folk music performed on flutes is the background music for this slot. The game takes place in Finn’s neighborhood pub.

Players can anticipate seeing a compass, candles, beer mats, dice, and beer barrels on the reels. The most lucrative coins in the machine are gold ones as well. Cash awards of 5, 10, 20, or 50 dollars may be attached to them.

Avalanche Reels are being played in the Finn’s Golden Tavern. As a result, each time you create a winning combination, all successful symbols are erased from your screen to make room for fresh symbols to fill in the empty spaces. After a winning spin, you have the opportunity to create more winners thanks to this.

Additionally, there are arbitrary coins that can increase your odds of winning. All low value symbols surrounding the Treasure Chest scatter symbol change into coin symbols whenever it lands in the center position. As mentioned above, the awards associated with each of the golden coins will add up to a cash prize for you.

The Fist Slam function may appear at any time if you can’t create a winning combination. While Finn does not always slam his fist down the reels after a losing spin, it can happen occasionally. When this happens, the coin symbols will move to reveal a cash payment for you.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus round is the most thrilling bonus feature in this Cluster Pays game. The free spins bonus round is initiated if the scatter symbol shows up in the center of the reels. The player starts off with 5 free spins during the bonus round.

A free spins multiplier meter is present on the left side of the reels. Basically, the goal is to use wild symbols that fall during avalanches to fill up the meter. Every five steps taken to fill the meter up will result in a rise of 1 in the multiplier.

A Coin Bonus may also be useful for the Free Spins function. When the scatter symbol lands in the center of the reels, this is activated. As a result, several coin symbols are randomly added to the reels and when they line up, they pay out in cash.

Pros and Cons about Cluster Pays Slots

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Both positive and negative aspects of Cluster Pays slots exist. The majority of these games offer numerous bonus features, which is one of its positives. This results in more wilds, bonus rounds, sticky winnings, cascading reels, and many other things.


We can interpret Cluster Pays slots negatively due to their excessive complexity. It can be challenging to keep up with all that is going on because there is so much going on. This entails being unaware of the symbols to watch out for or the potential rewards of a bonus mechanic. However, Cluster Pays gets more pleasant and less disorganized with some practice and familiarity with the arcade slot.

The Bottom Line

Cluster Pays slots are the best to try out if you wish to play slots online in a different style. These slots typically have a ton of fascinating features and offer multiple ways to create winning combos. Although they might be challenging to understand at first, playing these arcade slots is sure to be fun.

Alternatively, you can always try your luck with Cluster Pays slots right here at JackpotFinder. All you have to do is head over to our jackpots slots and look for games that have Cluster at the end of them. These Cluster Pays video slots are the way forward, particularly now that you know more about Cluster Pays slots.

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