Best Crash Game Slots
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Are you looking for online casino games that are different to your regular slots? If that is the case, we may have just the thing for you. In this overview, we breakdown everything you need to know about crash games, including the best crash game slots to play in 2024. Continue reading as we delve into it.

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Best Crash Game Slots: An Introduction

Before we get into the slots themselves, it is important to understand the fundamental basics of what a crash game actually is. So, if you are new to crash games, here is a simple explanation of what they actually are:

A crash game in a casino is like a thrilling ride where you bet on how long you think the ride will last before it crashes. Here’s how it works:

  1. You start by betting some money.
  2. A number on the screen begins to go up. This number is called a multiplier, and it makes your money grow.
  3. You can take your money out at any time by pressing a button. The higher the number goes, the more money you can win.
  4. But be careful! At any time, the game can ‘crash’, and the number drops to zero. If that happens before you take your money out, you lose it all.

Because you never know what will happen next, the game is entertaining. It’s a combination of timing, quick thinking, and luck. While some play for amusement, others do so in hopes of winning money.

Play thrilling online games called RNG Crash Games to win real money by speculating on when to remove your wager. However, you could lose everything if you estimate incorrectly, so use caution.

Different Types of Crash Game Slots

Crash games are exciting online games enjoyed by many. Let’s take a look at some popular types:

  1. Classic Crash Games: These were the first kinds of crash games. You bet money and try to cash out before the game ends. It’s all about the thrill of deciding when to cash out.
  2. Cryptocurrency Crash Games: In these games, you can use digital money like Bitcoin to bet. It’s a cool way to play for those who use cryptocurrency.
Best Crash Game Slots
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3. Interactive Crash Games: Some crash games let you play with friends. You can see what others are doing and play together. It’s fun to play along with others.

4. Crash Games with Extras: These games offer bonuses or small extra games to make things more exciting. They give you more ways to win and make the game more enjoyable.

5. Mobile Crash Games: Many crash games can be played on your phone. You can play them anywhere, whether you’re on a bus or waiting for something.

6. Live Host Crash Games: These games have real people talking to you while you play. It feels like you’re playing with friends and adds to the excitement.

7. Regulated Crash Games: These games are made by companies that follow rules. You can trust them to be fair and safe.

These popular crash games are played by people all over the world. They’re fun because they’re different, and there’s a game for everyone. Whether you like playing alone or with friends, on your computer or phone, there’s a crash game you might enjoy.

Crash Game Popularity

In recent times, RNG Crash Games have gained immense popularity, and there are multiple factors contributing to this trend. RNG Crash Games are popular since they’re simple to play. There aren’t many rules to learn, and you can get started right away, making it appealing to a wide range of players.

The suspense these games create, which keeps players interested, makes them intriguing because you never know what will happen. These games are available for you to play on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can play them anywhere.

Crash Games come in a variety of forms; some let you play with others, while others let you utilise virtual currencies like Bitcoin and provide a range of gameplay options to cater to diverse interests. Stars’ appeal has also been aided by their effect on streaming services and social media.

Fans may be inspired to try RNG Crash Games if they witness their favourite internet celebrities playing the games. These are not just for serious players; anyone may try them and find them to be entertaining. The number of participants has increased due to this inclusion.

A big part of the attractiveness of many RNG Crash Games is that safety and fairness are guaranteed by respectable firms that adhere to strict guidelines. Playing these games makes people feel comfortable, so they play more.

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Best Crash Game Slots

We delve into the fiesty bit of this analysis, actually reviewing the best crash game slots. Below, you will find the top picks for these games.


The 2022 crash slot from Pragmatic Play is an interesting game to play. Instead of reels and paylines, the aim of the game is to set a stake and to withdraw your winnings before the Spaceman crashes. The higher the Spaceman goes, the greater the multiplier increases!

Travel with the Spaceman to Greater Riches

The Spaceman slot from Pragmatic Play takes players on a journey into the sky where the cute Spaceman ventures into the stratosphere. The Spaceman, sporting an astronaut costume and red cape, is a charming character that is animated before the round start, right until he begins his descent. The Spaceman stands in front of the sky, which has a purple background. Once he started to fly, the multiplier is seen in big bold font in the centre of your screen.

Spaceman has a rhythmic beat although it is drowned out once the round begins. Instead, players hear an ascending sound as the Spaceman flies higher and the multiplier increases. Once the Spaceman crashes, the sound effects stop, and the round is over. It is reflected by a red sky and the Spaceman holding balloons to hover in the air.

How to Play the Spaceman Slot

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman slot is a crash game that does not require any skills or have any complicated rules. Instead, the aim of the game is fairly simple. Before a round, players set their stake and wait for the round to begin. Once the round begins, the Spaceman begins flying into the sky in a superman flight position. As soon as the Spaceman begins his descent, the multiplier increases. It starts at 1.00x and continuously increases until the Spaceman crashes. It is up to the player to cash out before the Spaceman does so. Any bets that are not cashed out in time will be lost.

Best Crash Game Slots
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There is no specific strategy or way of knowing when the Spaceman will crash. The height of which the Spaceman flies to is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This keeps every round fair and random. For instance, in one round, the Spaceman may crash at 1.27x. In another round, the Spaceman may crash at 168.9x. It is up to the player to decide when to cash out their bet.

A Round of Spaceman

Whenever a player bets in Spaceman, they can place any wager ranging from €/$1.00 to €/$100. Players have just over 10 seconds between rounds to place their bets before a new round starts. Once the round begins, the Spaceman starts to fly, and the multiplier increases slowly. However, over time, the multiplier increases faster and the Spaceman flies at a more rapid rate. While the player is in control of when they cash out, the maximum payout they can receive is 5000 times their stake, should the Spaceman fly that high.
Special Features:

  • Cashout 50%: Players can choose to cash out half of their bet once a round starts, with the option to cash out the remaining half later.
  • Auto Cashout: Players can set automatic cashout multipliers, including 50% auto cashout, which triggers when the Spaceman reaches a certain value. For example, if a player sets a 50% auto cashout at 1.50x and an auto cashout at 4.5x, their bet will automatically cash out at 1.50x and the rest at 4.5x, provided the Spaceman doesn’t crash first.
  • Interactive Live Chat: The Spaceman slot offers an online multiplayer experience with a live chat feature. While players don’t directly compete, they can chat with each other during the game. The chat also provides additional statistics and trivia, like the player with the highest multiplier in the previous round, adding an extra layer of excitement to the crash game.

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Spaceman Tips

As mentioned earlier, playing Spaceman doesn’t require any special skills besides clicking the cashout button before the character crashes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play strategically to improve your odds. One way to do this is by using a bankroll management strategy. This means setting a budget before you start playing and sticking to it to make sure you only spend what you can afford to lose.

In summary, Spaceman from Pragmatic Play is a popular and fun game among casino players. It gives players a sense of control, even though the outcome is entirely unpredictable since the Spaceman can crash at any moment.

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The Aviator slot is a crash game from Spribe that was released in 2021. Unlike other slot machines, there are no symbols, reels, rows or paylines in this game. Instead, players simply need to set a stake and wait for a round to begin. Once the plane ascends from the ground, the multiplier starts to increase. It is up to the you when you wish to cash out, but you must do so before the plane flies away.

Fly Towards Increasing Riches in the Aviator Slot

Aviator is a slot from Spribe that is played on a x/y-chart that has a black background. If players are fortunate enough, the plane will fly high into the sky, the longer and higher it goes, the greater the payout. The red coloured plane continuously flies into the sky, leaving a red trail in its tracks. As the plane continues to fly, the multiplier is constantly increasing. It is visible in the middle of your screen. However, once the plane flies away, the round ends and any bets that were not cashed out in time are lost.

Essentially, the Aviator slot is easy on the eye and has a simple presentation. The music is a calm tune, and the plane has an animated sound effect once it flies away. Although the visual aspect of this game is basic, the excitement lies in the gameplay of this slot.

Understanding the Rules of Aviator

In Spribe’s Aviator slot, you do not need to worry about any paylines, winning patterns or symbols. The crash style slot machine only requires you to place a bet before a round begins to join. Once you have placed your bet, you simply need to click on the cash out button before the plane flies away. Once the plane flies away, the round is over and any bets that were not cashed out in time are lost.

Aviator has a lot of benefits to players as they are in charge of cashing out. This gives the player a sense of ownership throughout every round. The slot is rated as a low to mid-level volatility game. This means that most wins are of smaller sizes but occasionally players can benefit from more rewarding multipliers. Aviator has an RTP of 97% which is above the average of 96% for slot machines.

How a Round of Aviator Works

Players start by placing bets on two spots, each allowing bets from €/$0.10 to €/$100 per round. A countdown at the screen’s center shows how much time is left to bet before the round starts. Once the countdown ends, the Aviator round begins.

As the plane takes off, a multiplier starts at 1.00x and keeps growing until the plane flies away. Each round’s length is random, determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) for fairness. For example, one round might only reach a 1.89x multiplier, while another could go up to 212.5x. There’s a chance to win up to $10,000 on a single bet spot per round.
Special Features:

  • Auto Cashout: Players in Aviator can set automatic cashout limits for their bets before each round. When the plane reaches a specific multiplier, the bet will automatically cash out. For example, if a player sets a limit of 346.1x, the bet will cash out once the plane reaches that height, if it does.
  • Interactive Live Chat: Aviator is an engaging online RNG game where players can chat with each other in real-time. Every time you play, you’ll be joined by other players, adding excitement to the game. The live chat also includes interesting statistics, like the player with the highest multiplier return from previous rounds, offering insights into top performers and big winners.

Aviator Tips

To boost your chances of winning, use both bets wisely. You can make one a larger main bet and the other an ante bet. Remember to set a budget and stick to it for better winning odds.

In summary, Aviator is an exciting slot game from Spribe with a high RTP. Players have the chance to win up to $10,000 from a single bet, adding to the excitement.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope that you have enjoyed reading about the best crash game slots to play in 2024. There are numerous crash games, available by checking our jackpot slots. Once there, you will find a whole list of popular online casino games.

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