Hot and Cold Numbers

What are Hot and Cold numbers? In today’s topic, we analyze the meaning behind hot and cold and why many lottery players choose them. If you’ve got an idea about gamblers fallacy, this is quite similar.

What are Hot and Cold Numbers?

If you ask a mathematician, what is the chances of picking numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 on a lottery ticket and winning, the reply is that it has the exact same chance as any other combination. However, we never really see 1 through 6 actually as a winning lottery pick.

Enter gamblers fallacy and hot and cold numbers. By taking a look at the previous jackpot winning numbers, players can analyze and find which numbers have been picked a lot and which have almost never shown up. Here’s a basic example:

Hot Numbers: Numbers that appear frequently.

Cold Numbers: Numbers that appear rarely.

Having got the basic definition, we take a look at how people may use these numbers.

Hot and Cold Numbers
Some numbers are cold, some are hot.

How Players Use Hot and Cold Numbers

This next step ultimately depends on the gambler. For instance, let’s say it’s the end of the month and you’ve noticed that the number 15 is hot. It has appeared frequently in the past few jackpots.

You can decide that it’s hitting way too often, and thus decide to play against it, or you can decide to side with it. That is to say, because it’s hot, it will surely come up again in the next jackpot.

This is all called the gamblers fallacy. Deciding to play with or against a hot number (or streak). The same goes for cold numbers.

Perhaps the number 26 has not shown up once in over a year – you could be tempted to rise to the occasion and state that it surely must give in now. Again, gamblers fallacy.

The truth of the matter is, every single number has as much chance to hit as it’s neighbor. By checking for hot and cold numbers, you’re putting your hands in the arms of superstition. That’s not a problem. At the end of the day, superstitious players and mathematicians all want the same thing – to win the big jackpot prize!

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Winning the Jackpot

In order to increase your jackpot winning chances, the safest thing you could do is go with your gut feeling. Sure, you can do some tricks to help you boost your odds. That could be by purchasing more tickets or by going with hot and cold numbers. But ultimately, you’ve just got to go with a combination you like and not break the bank in buying tickets.

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