How to Spot a Bluff
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Today’s casino tips and tricks is for the strategical game of poker. Thus, many of you may be having problems with identifying when a player may be fibbing or having you on. In this article, we take a look at how to spot a bluff with some easy tips.

How to Spot a Bluff Broken Down

Looking for a bluff in someone’s game is not as difficult as people may make it out to be. Ultimately, you need to keep an eye on some basic body language. Thus, we point out some simple mistakes which players will naturally make when bluffing. Keep in mind, this is for land-based casinos. Unfortunately, you will only be able to use these techniques at land-based casinos. The best jackpot poker reviews which we have in store for you are only for online poker players.

It’s all in the Eyes

The first thing you’d really have to take notice of is what non-verbal messages you can see in the eyes. When playing against rookies, you can be sure to find pupils dilating or a glance away. However, one may need to take a little more care when challenging a professional. Pro-poker players can use these basic mistakes to their advantage.


Another way of spotting a bluff is when the player talks way too much. Now, it’s tricky to know exactly how much is ‘way too much’. Thus, you should take note of how much the player talks usually and whether they’re speaking more than usual.

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Quick Wagering

Interestingly enough, this one also works for the online world of poker. If a player calls or raises way too quickly, that could be a warning sign. Especially pre-flop or on the river. This shows that the player has made their decision before they’ve even seen how the game unfolds.


Another tip on how to spot a bluff is when the player goes for intimidation. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a gangster’s voice and talking in an Al Pacino type of way, but by simply slamming down chips, talking louder, and staring intensely. This simple form of body language, especially the intense staring, could certainly be considered to be a pressuring form of bluffing.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the best way to spot a bluff is by learning the behavior of each player. Some are more passive; some are more active. Ultimately, you’ll want to know how each player acts. If you notice any of the behaviors above, you can be sure that the player is probably under a little bit of stress.

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