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Winning a major jackpot is no easy task by any means. However, there are a couple of lottery rituals that could improve your chances. It’s up to you whether you take them with a pinch of salt or whether you believe these superstitions could actually work. Let’s get into it.

Overview of Lottery Rituals

First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that these lottery rituals are completely superstitious. One may go as far as to even call them somewhat traditional for a specific group of players. Winning the lottery is not down to what clothes you wear to the lottery. It’s about what strategy you employ. We recommend you take a look at some jackpot winning tips and tricks to truly improve your chances.

10 Lottery Rituals that could Work

Well, starting off, here are the top 10 lottery rituals that players have admitted to trying out. Just picture it for a minute. There’s a Powerball jackpot which is worth more than $100 million. Would you be one of the players who’d do any of these rituals below?

1. Black Cat Luck

The first formality that players tend to do is to wave a ticket above a black cat. Now, if you’re one to believe in superstitious beliefs, this one shouldn’t be such a shock to you. According to a few lottery players, you could draw out the luck of a black cat crossing your path by getting your lottery ticket as close as possible to the cat.

Lottery Rituals and black cats

2. Lady Luck is a Pregnant Woman

The second theory, which is also similar to the former one, would require you to wave a ticket above a pregnant woman’s belly. By doing so, you may receive the benefit of some additional help.

3. You Put Your Left Foot In

Another lottery ritual that players follow is by entering a post-office, betting terminal, or lottery shop by using their left foot first. Thus, walking into the store and not using your right leg could turn out to win you the lottery.

4. Weird Lottery Rituals: Lentils make Money

The tradition of eating lentils before purchasing a lottery ticket is also a custom. Players tend to do this as lentils are very small pieces of food, representing money. The more lentils you eat, the more money you’ll win.

lentils and lottery rituals
You get as much money as many lentils you eat

5. Right-Hand Works a Treat

If you do happen to purchase your lottery ticket from a store, rather than an online site, you would do well to speak with your clerk. This superstition believes that the clerk must always hand you your ticket from his right hand. You must always accept the ticket using the right hand as well.

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6. Strange Lottery Rituals: Look for Sentimental Meaning

This one is not fully recommended by us, especially if you look through our ultimate jackpot guides, but some players do follow this ritual. When playing the lottery, always try to find numbers that have a sentimental value to you. For instance, if you’re born on May 17th, the numbers 5 and 17 should certainly be in your selection.

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7. Good Luck is Always in the Charm

This next tip is probably somewhat a little old fashioned. If you remember all the old-school tips of good luck charms – rabbit foots or horseshoes – well, they’re all included here too. Players buying a lottery ticket whilst holding one of these old lucky charms have got the edge.

8. The Most Important of All Lottery Rituals: Believe in your Dreams

This ritual is actually more interesting than the rest because it has actually worked. The idea is simple, if you see any numbers in your dreams, play the lottery using those numbers. A single mother of five used this trick for several years and eventually won a jackpot worth more than $100 million back in 2007.

9. Eat Cookies and win the Lottery

If you happen to be eating out in a restaurant that serves fortune cookies, by all means, remember the numbers. Whatever number you receive on your fortune cookie, take note. When you’ve compiled enough numbers together, use them in your next lottery draw. Who knows, perhaps you could become the next winner!

lottery rituals
Are you a monster?

10. Silver Coin Special

Last but not least, the use of a silver coin could end up granting you a lottery win. Thus, by taking a silver coin of any shape and size, and planting it in your sock or shoe, some say could boost your chances of winning a jackpot.

In conclusion, we’ll leave you with this. Not all of these lottery rituals are going to work. Do we agree with them? Not all of them, no. However, if you’re feeling down on your luck, it surely couldn’t harm you to try one of these rituals for itself. Who knows, perhaps there is a greater force at stake here, which might end up bringing you a lottery win.

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