Baccarat Glossary: Learn the Lingo, Win the Game

Baccarat Glossary 

Without a doubt, Baccarat is among the top games available to play on online casino games. Overall, Baccarat is a game of chance that is relatively easy to follow according to our Baccarat Guide

In addition, gamblers can also boost their confidence and winning chances when playing the casino game with our Baccarat Glossary. 

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Baccarat: This refers to the name of the game as well as the worst hand in the Baccarat. 

Baccarat en Banque: According to our Baccarat Glossary, this translates to Zero in the Bank. Furthermore, it is one of the more difficult variations of Baccarat that also goes by the name Chemin de Fer. 

Banco: In Baccarat, this is the name of the player who has the Shoe and deals the cards.

Bankroll: This refers to the amount of money a player intends on bringing to the Baccarat table to bet.

Banker Bet: This is one of the three betting options available in Baccarat. According to our Baccarat Winning Strategies, it’s considered to be the best bet with a high probability of winning at 45%. 


Cheval: In some variations of Baccarat, there is a rule which permits a player to play with two hands. When a player wins both hands, then they win the round. However, if a player wins only one hand, this will result in a tie. 

Commission: This a 5% commission that the casino will charge a player’s winnings from a bet on the banker. 

Coup: According to our Baccarat Glossary, this is the name that refers to a round played in Baccarat. 

Croupier: This refers to the casino representative in Baccarat who oversees the game and announces the results of the rounds.


Dealer: Unlike the Croupier, the Dealer is responsible for handling the bets and money at the Baccarat table. 

Down Card: According to our Baccarat Glossary, this is a card dealt to a player faced down.


Face Cards: These include Jacks, Queens, and Kings. However, according to our Baccarat Glossary, these have zero value in the game. 

Flat Bet: This is when a player continuously wagers the same amount of money in each round of Baccarat. 


High Roller: A player who consistently makes large bets. 

baccarat glossary
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Laderman: A casino representative who supervisors the game above the Baccarat table. 

La Grande: This is the winning hand in Baccarat which totals nine points naturally.

La Petit: This is the second-best hand in the game which totals eight points naturally. 

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Mini-Baccarat: This is a smaller version of the full-size table used in Baccarat which uses one casino employer who service the game. Furthermore, according to our Baccarat Glossary, Mini-Baccarat also has much lower minimum bets. 


Natural: This is when the first two cards in hand equal to 8 or 9. This automatically ends the round and the payouts from winnings are collected. 


Pallete: A flat wooden tool used by the Croupier to move the cards around the Baccarat table.

Pass: A win in the game.

Player: This refers to one of the betting options and hands in Baccarat. 

Player Bet: This is a bet on a player’s hand beating that of the banker. 

Punto: This is the Spanish name for player. 

Punto Banco: This is another variation of Baccarat which translates to Player Banker.

Push: This results when both the player and banker’s hands have the same total. In this case, it is a bet that is neither winning nor losing. 


Run: This is a side bet which gives players the option to wager on a series of hands. 

baccarat glossary
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Shoe: A device used in Baccarat to hold multiple decks of cards making it easier for the Croupier to hand out the cards. 

Shooter: Another name to describe the Bank according to our Baccarat Glossary. 

Standoff: This is a tie when both the hands of the player and bankers have the same value. Furthermore, Standoff also goes by the name Push and Tie. 


Tie Bet: A bet that both the hands of the player and banker will have the same total or tie.


Up Card: This is a card which is face-up when dealt revealing its value to everyone at the Baccarat table.


VIP: Another term used to refer to a High Roller in a casino. 

Hopefully, now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Baccarat terms, you’re ready to try your luck on the best jackpot sites. Furthermore, don’t miss out on the chance to expand your online casino knowledge with our Poker Glossary and complete Gambling Glossary.

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