How to Play Bonus Poker: Guide and Strategy

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In this guide, we take a look at how to play Bonus Poker. Bonus Poker is an online casino game that uses similar rules to Jacks or Better although has a better payout system and is more likely to form bigger winners. As the casino poker game is extremely easy to learn, we take a look at the rules and a simple strategy that you can use to boost your chances of winning. Let’s take a look.

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How to Play Bonus Poker: An Introduction

Bonus Poker is a simple to learn video poker game that can be found in both offline and online casinos. Although it has a few bonus payouts, the rules are the same as in Jacks or Better. Furthermore, it’s simple to use basic strategy for the casino game, so you can quickly learn the fundamentals and aim for the high bonus prizes.

The most crucial thing to understand about Bonus Poker is that your goal when playing is to build the strongest hand you can. Each hand consists of five cards, with a pair of Jacks earning the lowest payoff. Your payment will be greater the stronger your hand is.

How to Play Bonus Poker

The player sets their bet at the beginning of the round. The dealer then deals the player five cards when this has been decided. The player can discard as many undesired cards from their hand as they’d like. After new cards are dealt in lieu of the discarded ones, the round is over. Depending on the cards in their hand at the end of the round, the player will either win or lose. The minimum requirement is to have at least a pair of Jacks.

The user can select their coin size and the number of bets they want to make when playing Bonus Poker. It is strongly encouraged to wager the most coins possible. You will be using a boosted bet with a boosted reward by doing this. Only after using the most coins while playing may the increased payment be redeemed. Simply decrease the value of each coin if you don’t want to spend too much money.

How to Win

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There are eleven distinct winning hand types in Bonus Poker. To build the strongest hand you can with the cards provided to you is the object of the game. You should be aware of which hands are the strongest and which are the weakest in order to decide which hands to keep or discard. From strongest to weakest, the following is a list of all Bonus Poker winning hands:

  • Royal Flush: A hand that is suited (same suit) and runs in consecutive order using the strongest cards in a deck. 10, J, Q, K, & A all of the same suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades).
  • Straight Flush: A hand that contains cards with the same suit and in consecutive order. For instance, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 of hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds.
  • 4 of a Kind Aces: A hand that contains four Aces of any suit.
  • A 4 of a Kind: A hand that contains four 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, Js, Qs or Ks.
  • 4 of a Kind 2s, 3s or 4s: a hand that contains four 2s, 3s or 4s.
  • Full House: Any hand that has a three of a kind and a pair. For instance, three 2s and two 3s.
  • Flush: A hand where all five cards have the same suit. For instance, A, 5, 8, 9 and Q of hearts.
  • Straight: A hand where all cards form a sequence but are unsuited. For instance, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of hearts, diamonds and spades.
  • Three of a Kind: Any hand that has at least three matching symbols, such as three Jacks.
  • Two Pair: Any hand that has two pairs of cards, such as two 5s and two 6s.
  • Jacks or Better: The weakest hand in the game, a hand that only has a pair of Jacks.

Any hand that isn’t stronger than a pair of Jacks will lose. For this reason, learning the fundamentals of strategy will help you increase your chances of succeeding. A professional Bonus Poker strategy will be covered later.

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Bonus Poker Payouts

It is impossible to give one payment table for Bonus Poker. Due to the huge popularity of online video poker, numerous providers have developed their own variations with somewhat varying rewards. The usual payout for a Royal Flush is 250:1. This, however, can be 800:1 in some variations (particularly for players using the enhanced maximum 5 coins bet).

Using Bonus Poker Basic Strategy


Experienced Bonus Poker players are aware that this casino game may be played with basic strategies. Every player can significantly increase their chances of winning by employing a plan. The tactic makes use of a mathematical method that is predicated on chance and potential. Before we examine the strategy chart, it’s crucial to understand a few terms.

Inside Straight

A player who holds five cards and needs just one more to complete an inside straight is said to have an inside straight. One of the cards that should be in the midst of the sequence is absent. The player only gets one chance to win by drawing the required card in order to finish the sequence. This can be illustrated by having the cards 4, 5, J, 7, and 8. There is just one card that may finish the sequence after the J is discarded, and that card is 6.

Outside Straight

A single card is also necessary to finish a sequence of outside straights. Players may, however, draw a card from either end of the sequence if they have an outside straight. This is so because outside straights usually end with a card on either end, which is all they need to win. Consequently, two potential cards could finish the sequence. As an illustration, consider having the cards 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10. In this case, getting rid of the 10 opens up the possibility of drawing either the 2 or the 7 to finish the sequence.

The Strategy Chart

how to play bonus poker

We look at what options to take depending on the first 5 cards you are dealt in Bonus Poker.

  • 4 of a Kind, Straight, Royal Flush: Keep your cards if you are dealt either one of these as they are the best in the game.
  • 4 to a Royal Flush: Replace one card to try and get a Royal Flush.
  • Straight, Flush, Full House: Keep your hand as it is whenever you are dealt either one of these.
  • 3 of a Kind: Keep the three cards that form the 3 of a Kind and dispose of the other two cards. In doing so, you can hope to improve your hand with a four of a kind or a full house.
  • 4 to a Straight Flush: Dispose of the card that does not complete the sequence or is unsuited. If you are lucky, you can end up with either a Straight Flush, a Straight or a Flush.
  • 2 Pairs: Keep both of the pairs and dispose of the final card to try and draw a Full House.
  • A Pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces: Keep the pair and dispose of the rest to hope for a 3 of a kind, 4 or a kind or Full House.
  • 3 to a Royal Flush: Keep the three cards and discard the other two.
  • 4 to a Flush: Discard the one card that stops you from the Flush.
  • KQJT Unsuited: Discard the one card that is not one of these in hope for a Straight or High Pair.
  • Low Pair: Keep the pair and discard the rest, hoping for a 3 or 4 of a Kind.
  • 4 to an Outside Straight: Discard of the card that does not match your hand for the straight.
  • 3 to a Straight Flush: Discard two cards that do not complete the Straight Flush and hope they will replace to either give you a Straight, Flush or Straight Flush.
  • AKQJ Unsuited: Discard card that does not complete this in hope for a Straight or High Pair.
  • 2 Suited High Cards: Discard the fifth card in hope of a Royal Flush or any other hand.
  • 3 to a Straight Flush: Keep the three cards and discard of the other two.
  • 4 to an Inside Straight with 3 High Cards: Keep the three high cards and dispose of the other cards to hope for at least a high pair.
  • Unsuited JQK: Discard the two cards and hope for a Straight or at least a High Pair.
  • Unsuited JQ: Discard three cards in hope of a Straight or a High Pair.
  • KQ, KJ Unsuited: Discard of the other card in hope of a Straight or High Pair.
  • JT Suited: Discard 3 cards in hope of a Pair of Jacks, Straight, Flush, Straight Flush or Royal Flush.
  • AK, AQ, AJ Unsuited: Discard three cards for a Straight or at least a High Pair or Two Pair.
  • Ace: Discard all cards that do not match but keep the Ace as it is strong.
  • KT, QT Suited: Discard of the other card in hope of a Straight, Flush or High Pair.
  • Jack, Queen or King: Discard of the other two cards in hope of a high pair or better.

Essentially, by following this strategy chart, you should have a better chance of winning when not knowing what to do in certain situations.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope that you now know how to play Bonus Poker. The online casino poker game is very easy to learn and enjoyable to play. You will be able to find this game at our page for jackpot games. The online casino game is certainly fun, as it is based off of Jacks or Better. The main difference though is that players will be paid bigger rewards whenever they land a winner. Hence the name, Bonus Poker.

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