Learn How to Play Baccarat Banque Today

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Without a doubt, baccarat is one of the top classic card games to play with some pretty cool variations. Now, it’s no wonder why players are jumping at the chance to learn how to play baccarat banque. 

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An Introduction on How to Play Baccarat Banque

Undoubtedly, baccarat banque is among the most popular variations of baccarat to play on the online jackpot sites and offline. What’s more, this variation is a favorite among high rollers. 

This is because a player has the chance to play as a banker if they have the highest bet at the table. All in all, it is relatively easy to play baccarat banque. The main objective is for players to make a hand of nine points or close to nine points. 

Next, let’s quickly dive into the basics of the game that is available on the casinos to win the jackpot. Unlike most variations of baccarat, baccarat banque uses three shoes or three decks of card. 

Whilst other types of the classic card game such as chemin de fer and punto banco uses six or eight decks. Furthermore, a baccarat banque table can seat 10 or even up to 16 payers. Here, the dealer sits in the middle of the table. 

Fortunately, we’ve laid out the gameplay and rules on how to play baccarat banque.

Rules on How to Play Baccarat Banque 

Now, let’s look at the rules on how to play baccarat banque. First, in baccarat banque, players can take turns to be the bank. Additionally, it is important to note that they don’t play against each other. 

Furthermore, the player who takes on the role of banker for the round doesn’t have to cover the other players’ bets. In order to be the baker, the player has to have the highest stake. After they’re chosen, they will take the seat opposite of the dealer. Now, the game begins. 

The dealer will first shuffle the card before starting a new round. Next, the players on the left and right side of the dealer shuffle the cards too. Then, the last to shuffle the cards is the banker. Afterward, the banker will then choose a player to cut the cards. 

The croupier then deals one card for the player hand at the right table, one card for the player hand at the left table. Lastly, one card for the banker hand. Next, we will look into the betting options in a game of baccarat banque.

Betting Options 

 how to play baccarat banque

Now, let’s look closer at the betting options, another important aspect when learning how to play baccarat banque. In baccarat banque, players can place their wagers on a player or banker’s hand at the designated boxes. 

However, the banker can only bet on the banker’s cards. Whilst, the other players can only bet on the player hands.  Additionally, if they would like to bet on players hands, they need to place their bet at the center of the table. 

Furthermore, the dealer will deal each player another card. Once again, this starts from the planet hand at the right table. Then the player hand at the left table, and finally the banker hand. 

Now, if any of the hands has a natural (a nine or an eight), the cards are turned face-up and compared. In this case, a nine will win over eight. 

However, if neither hand has an eight or nine, the player and the banker have the choice to draw an additional card. They can make this decision on the following information:

Player total  Player action
0 to 4 Draw a card
5 Draw or stand
6 or 7  Stand
8 or 9 Hand over before a 3rd card


Banker total Banker action (draw) Banker action (stand) Banker choice
0 to 2 Always draws Never
3 Player’s 3rd card is 1 to 7 or 10 Player’s 3rd card is 8 Player’s 3rd card is 9
4 Player’s 3rd card is 2 to 7 Player’s 3rd card is 0, 1, 8, or 9
5 Player’s 3rd card is 5 to 7  Player’s 3rd card is 0,1, 2, 3, 8, or 9 Player’s 3rd card is 4
6 Player’s 3rd card is 6 or 7 Player’s 3rd card is 0 to 5 or 8 or 9
7 Never Always
8 or 9 No 3rd card is drawn No 3rd card is drawn

Furthermore, the players hands win or lose individually against the banker. If the banker has the winning hand, the player will continue to take on the role as the banker until they lose. Afterward, the next person in order will then become the banker. 

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Hopefully, you’re set to play this exciting baccarat variation thanks to our guide on how to play baccarat banque. Fortunately, there are several ways players can increase their chances of wining baccarat banque on the online jackpot sites

These include our regularly updated baccarat strategies, baccarat guide, baccarat glossary, and jackpot winning strategies.