Your Complete Toto Strategies

An Introduction To Toto Strategies

Thanks to the internet, learning Toto strategies is easier than ever. The same with playing. Pop over to your favorite site or download an App for the mobile version, and you’re good to go. Though different Toto operators might have minor differences in the number of games, or the jackpots on offer, they all follow a fixed pattern. Each company will specify what particulars you can bet on before each match, along with the number of matches allowed. For example, you can predict the score in a football or basketball game. Or perhaps you’re watching American Football. The way you play Toto is entirely up to you. For example, you can predict the outcome of a game or the winning team. Perhaps you think that the home club has an advantage during the game, so you bet some money on them. Because the minimum bet is usually very small, Toto betting isn’t going to break your bankroll. The amount of money you can win is dependent on your predictions and the pool yield. Oh, and one more thing. In many countries, you’ll have a certain % of your winnings held back for tax.

Many Game Options at Toto

Some Toto operators stop all betting before the game starts. And yet others allow you to bet continuously throughout the match. There are also a lot of betting options, including betting on the half-time score (half-time/full-time), predicting which half of the match the winning goal was scored and whether extra time will be played. Then there’s the win or draw score and whether that’s for the home or away team. Some operators even offer a “handicap” system which can be used to give a team a small advantage. Your job is to study each team in great detail, looking at individual players and their scoring histories. Look and see if these teams have met before and what was the outcome? Note whether all the star players going to be on the field? Take into account weather conditions. The more homework you do, the greater the chance you’ll be giving yourself better odds with the right Toto strategies.

Toto strategies
Even teenagers play toto in most of the European countries

Goal Predictions

Let’s start with the “Goal/No Goal” betting option. Here you can predict any number of options with regard to the number of goals scored by each or just one team. Also the total score at the end of the match. The “first goal” option allows you to choose the player that actually scores the goal. You can even take things up a notch by predicting the exact time a player will score, along with that players total number of match goals. As you can imagine, you can also bet on the scorer of the last goal, along with it’s time. Because of this watching a game is more exciting than ever.

Match Betting

Another interesting option of Toto is ‘Fulltime’. This means that you predict whether the home team or the visiting team wins the match. Perhaps you’re not so sure about the result, so predicting a draw is also possible. One point to keep in mind is that you’ll be needing to predict the outcome for the official playing time, which also includes the injury time. Remember that during a football match, the length of your betting game is over after 90 minutes, even if the game is prolonged for another 30 minutes.

Toto Strategies: Odd or Even

Not only can you bet on your predictions with regard to score and match winner, but you can even wager on odd or even for all those other bets. As you can see, the possibilities for betting are almost endless. Then you have the ” Draw no bet/Home no bet/Away no bet” which could make you a rich person. If, for example, there’s a “Home no Bet” option, it doesn’t allow you to choose the home team if it wins. But if they do win then you will receive back your deposit.

Combination of Multiple Predictions

Though some Toto players just are concerned with a single game outcome, Toto is really about predicting multiple outcomes across any number of games. With Toto you can predict individual games and a combination of games. Some games are labelled with the letter ‘S’, which means ‘Single betting’. When wagering, you’ll see what’s known as a “Multiple Wager” or “System Bet”. These are used to combine all the matches, along with all the different types of bet, you’ve chosen. In Toto sports betting, you can still win if only a number of your overall predictions comes through.

Be Lucky with the Banker

There are many Toto strategies out there which players say brings them success. But there is another bet, called “the Banker” which some operators offer. This option can be used alongside any combination of bets that you have running. If you’re predictions are correct, then you can win an even bigger jackpot and if you lose, then you get nothing. You can add the banker to most Toto bets.

Toto Strategies: Prize Money

The prize money simply depends on the number of participants for each Toto game. On the whole these jackpots are pretty high, with many operators offering at least €10.000. But they are never going to reach the heady heights of progressive jackpot games. These prizes continue to rise if no-one hits the jackpot. At the end of the day, the prize money is shared among all participating players.

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