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Identify the clumsiest dealers

In fact Zender estimates that there are probably fewer than 100 in the whole world. Yes, these internet classes make it seem easy. But the real skill is not so much the counting of the cards, but in hiding the fact that you’re doing it. Zender reckons that you are better off simply looking for the sloppy dealer who accidentally flashes the cards as he deals. This strategy has a name, “card holing” and can give you a huge 6 – 9% edge over the house if you know how to play it to your advantage. Zender claims that he once made a good living from this aspect of the casino table game for a number of years. He kept a notebook which listed 36 sloppy dealers from around 16 different casinos, along with their work shifts. And the best part is that it’s all a totally legal method to beat the odds. Even more, the tricks are working either in landbased casinos or on the online jackpot sites in every region.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Casinos are constantly finding ways of getting more from each customer. Sometimes what you might assume is an added bonus is, in fact only in place because it benefits the casino more at the end of the day. Today many casinos are “sexing” their games up. called “Party Pits, these table games also feature very pretty young female dealers, along with pole dancing. Yes, you could say that this was just Las Vega being Las Vegas. But behind the booze, sin and skin is the idea to keep you distracted. Most players don’t notice that these table games have a much trimmed payout, going from 3/2 to 6/5. That means that a $100 bet wins just $120 instead of the normal $150. Thus the house edge has sneakily doubled.

Know when to say when

Keep in mind that the casino enjoys a house edge of 5% at the roulette table. So, though you have a decent chance of winning at your first, second, and third spin, the real numbers are always moving towards the casino and it’ll always end up with your chips. Zender claims that every casino has a point of guaranteed victory. And it’s 30,000 hands. This is why casinos are more generous with comps at the roulette table. So, the lesson here is that stop as soon as you’re ahead.

beat the odds
To beat the house you must understand the math of the games

Beat the Odds: Exploit the laws of nature

This might be a long shot. The roulette wheel gets worn over time. Of course there’s routine maintenance, but it may become unbalanced as the frets separating the number get worn away. The more the wheel is used, then the greater the wear and tear. This may lead to the wheel favoring certain numbers as they fall to that wonky side. Way, way back in 1873, Joseph Jagger spotted an unbalanced wheel at the casino in Monte Carlo. He bet on those biased numbers and beat the odds, walking away with a staggering $400,000. In today’s dough that’s equivalent to $7.8 million.

Go big or go broke

You’ve probably heard this phrase used in conjunction with a casino visit.  “The average slot machine is probably two, three times more costly to players than the table games,” says Zender. He advises that you avoid them like the plague. That’s because on the penny slot machines the odds at set at an astronomical 15 – 20% in the house’s favor. he says that you might have more chance tossing your coins into a wishing well and making a wish.

Beat the Odds: Don’t play Keno

Keno has one of the worse house edges of any of the many casino games. And that’s why Zender recommends that you don’t play Keno. At many casinos’s the house, edge starts at 35%. In fact never in the history of Keno games has anyone ever matched the 20 number game with a 20 spot ticket. The odds are 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,336. (That’s 3.5 Quintilian!). There’s no way you can ever beat the odds with Keno.

Practice makes perfect

One of the best bangs for your buck in the casino are the video poker games. On the whole, the house edge will be no more than 0.46% advantage. Some even lean into the gambler’s favor to beat the odds. But there’s a serious caveat: you must have the skills to fully understand the gameplay. Though the payouts are posted on the machines, in order to hit them you’ll need to be playing at an expert level. Even though the house edge seems impossible low, the casino still makes a ton of money on players who don’t know what they’re doing. Zender says that you’ll only get there with a lot of study and practice.

beat the odds
Take your time!

Beat the Odds: Stay away from the light

“Ninety percent of the people who walk into a casino have no idea of the odds stacked against them,” Zender says. But looking over the casino with a professional eye, you’ll immediately notice where the games with the best odds are situated. On the whole the games that have the most terrible odds will be the ones in the brightest, most attractive, and loudest areas. It’s a marketing ploy that really works as most people go towards the brightest parts of the gaming floor. He points out that the craps table is a classic example. In fact the two very worse bets you can make in craps, “the Field,” and “Any 7”, are also the most colorful. he suggests that we should always go towards the darker and more drab side of the room.

Invest in a watch

Another part of the casino experience that’s designed to make you spend more is the total lack of any clocks or means of knowing the time. Often even the dealers and croupiers are forbidden from wearing wrist watches. No clocks, along with no windows are a sign that the casino wants you to lose track of time. So always wear a watch and keep an eye on how long you’re spending there.

Beat the Odds: Buy your own drinks

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And that goes for casino drinks as well. Every casino calculates the “player reinvestment. This is how much money they predict you’ll lose based on your gameplay strategies. They take a cut from that and call it a comp. That’s when you start getting free watery cocktails. But the real meaning of the free drinks is that the casino thinks you’re a real loser and that you’ll never beat the odds. So the worse your odds, the more drinks you get. Nothing is what it seems in the land of casinos!

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