cashless gambling

Without a doubt, our world is slowly transitioning into a cashless society and the online gambling industry has followed suit. Now, land-based casinos are looking to jump in on the action by implementing cashless gambling payments. 

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Cashless Gambling: Introduction

There’s no denying how much of an in impact e-wallets and cashless payments have had on our everyday lives. Now we don’t have to panic when we can’t count the correct change for a coffee in our local cafe. 

All in all, it’s become somewhat of a trend to pay for all our necessities and hobbies with cashless payments. Consequently, carrying and paying with cash in most societies has become outdated and almost uncool. 

However, unlike online casinos to win the jackpot, many brick and mortar casinos seem to have missed this boat. Although it is fair to mention that the implementation of cashless casinos has been discussed for years. Furthermore, several casinos have recently jumped on the bandwagon by introducing cashless solutions.  

Nevertheless, more and more casinos worldwide will undoubtedly be under pressure this year to fully incorporate cashless technology into their establishments. 

Casinos Push to Implement Cashless Gambling Payments
Cash is the past

Casinos Pushing for Cashless Gambling

As previously mentioned, our society is going cashless and more and more casinos are likely to follow from the year. So far, land-based casinos such as Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa have made plans to implement cashless wagering solutions. 

There’s no denying that there are sights, sounds and even smell that make brick and mortar casinos what they are. For some players, its the blinding lights and for other, it’s even the sight of cash or even its smell. 

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Now, this could soon become a thing of the past as more casino are pushing for cashless gambling payments. Furthermore, casinos are more motivated to implement both cashless and contactless solutions to keep up with the industry’s latest trends. 

Why Cashless Gambling in Casinos Makes Sense 

From the onset, casinos going cashless seems like a no brainer. So far, the American Gaming Association has been at the forefront of pushing for full digital transactions. At this time, AGA has published a list of proposals in favour of casinos implementing cashless gambling payments. 

For instance, going cashless “creates a uniform regulatory environment for casino operators, suppliers, and regulators.” All in all, with the world moving further away from cash, the AGA argues that the best way forward will be for casinos to go completely cashless. 

cashless gambling
Welcome to the future – Image source: Angelqiu122, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How Cashless Gambling in Casinos Will Look Like 

Without a doubt, the implementation of cashless payments in casinos will give the gambling industry a much-needed boost. However, it’s important to note that the cashless and contactless will not change the entire face of brick and mortar casinos. 

On the contrary, it’s likely to make deposits and withdrawals much safer and faster. Now, bettors could pay for poker chips or slot machines credits with a simple tap on their smartphone. All in all, bettors won’t need to pull out bills and coins from their wallets. 

Instead, an e-wallet app on their phone will make it easier and more convenient to play jackpot games and more. In addition to e-wallet apps such as Apple Pay, the cashless casinos will also accept debit and credit cards. 

Overall, adopting cashless gambling payments is the best way for land-based casinos to keep up with the industry’s growing demands. Not only will this help to attract new customers, but it will also ensure safe and responsible gambling. For more information on the latest gambling industry trends, be sure to check out the best bitcoin casinos in 2021.

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