make a reliable online sports book

5 Things That Make a Reliable Online Sports book

There are so many factors that make a reliable online sports book, that it’s a job to whittle them down to just five. Over the last decade there has been a huge amount of growth in the online betting industry, and in particular with sports betting. Online sports books today offer a huge number of options and look very different beasts from the sports books of yesteryear. But all these new betting choices mean that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find the best betting deals on any jackpot games.

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Going to any sports book website and you’ll be greeted by a huge amount of information. We’re not complaining because the more information available, then the more helpful that can be when it comes to placing wagers. But sometimes the information you are seeking gets lost amongst all the other stuff. This can lead a gambler to make the wrong choice or overlook some other equally important factors. Let’s have a look at the top five things that make a reliable online sports book.

More Sports Betting Options

OK..this is a no-brainer. Without betting options there could be no bets. Duh! But, that’s not what we’re getting at here. The point is that not all sports books are created equally, and so some have offers that others don’t. You probably have a favourite betting strategy, or sport, and so it’s important to find a sports book that will support that means of betting. So what do we mean by “betting options?”

make a reliable online sports book
Most option is the best

Well, this goes into the type of betting subjects and sports that are covered. For example, can I bet on horse racing, ping-pong, bet on tennis, or TV events? Is there a deep line-up of prop bets and does the sports book support future bets for the NFL? You may well be like many gamblers in that you prefer to specialise in one or two sports. In this case, it’s essential you find the right bookie. That’s why we love Betsson Sports Book. A huge number of game choices coupled with a nice welcome bonus.

You’ll find that many sports books like to make their company a place to come to for specialist sports. So, if you’re interest is international football, and are after the best sports betting jackpots, then look for an online sports book that pretty much just deals in that.

No matter what game you choose to bet on, you can never have enough betting options. If you can’t find a specific type of bet on the sport of your choice, then perhaps that’s a message to take your money elsewhere.


Things That Make a Reliable Online Sports book: Online Security

These are essential features necessary to make a reliable online sports book, and are needed to keep your personal and banking information away from third parties. So much money changes hands with online gambling, that the betting space is chock full of scammers and fraudsters. There’s a huge market place filled with hackers and those involved with identity theft. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do apart from making sure your online security is up to the task. After all, no one wants to see their sports book account suddenly go down to zero, with no help from themselves.

make a reliable online sports book
Safety first

When you visit a new sports book, find the button for “security”, click it, and take a look at what they are providing for the customer. If you like the look of what you see, then it’s time for the next step. Go search out third party sites and check their reviews. Yes, we know that this can sometimes be the same sports book masquerading as something else. So look through many. If at any time, you find something you don’t like, remember that there are plenty of other choices.

Another option is to look at gambling message boards. These are mainly filled with customers like yourself, so you can find good unbiased advice. Everyone thinks that nothing bad will ever happen to them. We wish it were true. And that’s why, even ten minutes of research on the sports book you’re interested in, can make such a massive difference. Believe us, there’s nothing quite like being ripped off online and having nothing to show for it. Having good security is just one important thing to make a reliable online sports book.

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Because you’re a gambler, then you should be the first to understand the concept of risk vs. reward. Essentially, if you find a site that offers everything, then there may well be a high-risk involved.

Quick and Easy Payouts

Probably the number one cause of frustration amongst sports bettors is the hassle of trying to cash out their winnings. Payment processing is a huge headache. The sheer number of steps needed to withdraw funds would make anyone’s head spin. But, in truth, there’s very little choice in the matter. The sports book wants to offer the most secure service. If it made taking out funds any simpler, then all sorts of scammers and con artists would start crawling out of the woodwork, the very opposite of how to make a reliable online sports book.

make a reliable online sports book
Easy payout is the most important

Another thing is that it’s kind of silly to complain about the withdrawal process, when you’ve already read through the small print. Read the small print, you say? Yes, hardly anyone does, and if they did, they would see exactly how the gambling business thrives. Some might say that they make a fair chunk of change off those that fail to read the term and conditions properly. If you took note of what was written in the T&C’s before making a deposit, then you might realise that it’s going to take some time to be able to make a withdrawal. If you’re chasing the football jackpot or a cricket cup, then please read everything carefully.

Keep in mind that there are strict laws governing the movement of monies throughout the whole legit gambling industry, and these help to make a reliable online sports book, like Betsson Sports Book, by keeping everything legal and above board.

Withdrawals are Difficult

So, just because there is a massive welcome bonus and the system of making deposits is easy, it doesn’t necessarily follow that withdrawing funds is going to be the exact reverse process. If you gave it any thought, you’d quickly see that it’s in the interest of the site to insure deposits are easy and withdrawals are hard.

Many online sports books will have a minimum withdrawal limit, along with a minimum risk amount. This latter thing is also called a “play-through” amount and it means the number of times you have to bet with your own real money before you can cash out any winning from those bonuses. There also may well be withdrawal fees. Anything to discourage you from taking out your money rather than betting it all at the website.

Things That Make a Reliable Online Sports book: Online Sports Book Reviews

For reasons we previously mentioned, online sports books reviews can be notorious for subtly promoting the websites they are meant to be reviewing. That’s mainly down to the fact that many reviews are actually written by affiliates, who are hoping for a percentage of your initial deposit. Therefore, it’s in their interest, not yours, that they write a glowing review of a site they’re promoting. A good idea is to find a third-party site with real bettors. As a given, you should be checking out your sports book of choice well before you’re thinking of spending any cash.

make a reliable online sports book
Good customer support is essential

We think that it’s probably wisest to stick with sites with a fair number of reviews than going with one with no real web presence.

The Signup Bonuses

Otherwise known as “Welcome Bonus“, these are apparent gifts of free money that sports books and casino sites offer a new customer at the point of their first deposit. We say “apparently” because to actually gain them, you’ll need to read all the rules attached to them. And there are always a lot of those. And then come all the hoops you’ll be needing to jump through to claim any prise money. This is because the sports book isn’t in the business of giving away free money. On the whole, you’ll have to bet many multiples of these bonuses, before you can make use of them. In other words, you have to spend multiple amounts of your own money first.

Having said that, as a rule, you should try and seek out the biggest bonuses. Some of the biggest come from Betsson Sports Book. But if you’re going to be betting anyway, then why not have this free money. It could be argued that having a bonus in your pocket is another means of increasing your bankroll, and therefore, by default, your jackpot winning chances.

Conclusion: Things That Make a Reliable Online Sports book

We suggest that you take your time to find the right sports book for yourself. There are literally thousands out there all over the internet. Most are legal and will offer great odds and a good experience. Just put some time and effort into doing some homework as you look for things that make a reliable online sports book. Check out their reputation with other real gamblers, like yourself. Then you should be feeling more comfortable with your final choice.

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