How to Play Online Scratch Cards
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Online scratch cards are one of the most popular casino games in the online gambling industry. They originate from the United States and have since gone on to become a global phenomenon. In this article, we look at how to play online scratch cards, the history of them and everything else scratch card related. Keep reading to find out more about these incredibly popular games.

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An Introduction

Scratch cards, also known as instant games, scratchies or instant lottery, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These games provide players a quick and easy to learn platform to try and win big prizes. Furthermore, players can win these massive rewards with just a click of a button. The speed of which scratch cards are played is exceptional.
One of the many benefits of playing scratch cards online is that players can enjoy these games from their mobile devices. It removes the necessary trip to your local bookies to purchase a card. Instead, you can play from the comfort of your own home. It also must be said that these games can be played with mobile devices, without the need to download any additional applications.

Have a read through our online scratch cards guide to learn more about these games. Furthermore, we give you a complete analysis of how to play scratch cards, their origins and the benefits of playing these games online.

The Evolution of Scratch Cards

Before we analyze the growing popularity of online scratch cards, we must first look at where these games originated from. Before the internet, any scratch card fan had to travel to their local newspaper agents, supermarkets, tobacco stores, post offices and bookies just to play. The original scratch cards were available to players for an incredibly cheap price to try and scratch the hidden symbols and reveal winning icons. Most players were not gamblers, only players that wanted to use some spare change in hopes of winning a considerable amount.

The original scratch cards were produced not too long ago. Although they are now a growing product in the iGaming industry, they were only introduced to retail stores less than a century ago. Compared to roulette, blackjack and other casino games, that is not too far to think back to. Scratch card popularity grew with technology, thanks to the ability to produce thousands of cards with the use of printing machines.

Scratch Card Origins in the United States

Scratch Cards

The original scratch cards date back to the United States, where a duo named John Koza and Daniel Bower came up with the revolutionary idea. The pair came up with the idea of scratch cards by using Bower’s marketing skills and Koza’s computer expertise to good effect. They printed out randomized patterns of symbols and numbers with a computer and covers up the results with a latex-like substance. This could easily be removed by scratching it off with a coin or by fingernail.

A little more backstory on the pair, Koza and Bower went on to found Scientific Games in 1974. Scientific Games is one of the leading software provider companies in developing slots, scratch cards and other casino games to this day. The company works with lotteries from around the world to attract players to many different draws.

Ever since Koza and Bower began developing scratch cards, they grew far more rapidly in popularity. The duo released scratch cards to the gambling market in many states, knowing full well that these states needed income from lotteries.

The breakthrough for Koza and Bower was their Scientific Games scratch card release in Massachusetts. The state saw many players buy these scratchies, reaching an average revenue of almost $2.7 million per week. As incredible as the revenues were, many states adopted the idea of developing scratch cards.

The Original Scratch Card

Koza and Bower’s scratch cards hahd to be bought from official booths and outlets. They had released cards that were available to the public. However, any person that wanted to purchase a scratch card had to ask for it at the counter and wait for a person to hand out a card.

Cal Tigner, a businessman, had expanded on this concept by introducing plastic containers that would hold the scratch cards. In 1985, he introduced these containers to the market, allowing players to choose their scratch cards, rather than wait for a person to give them one. This gave players a sense of power as they believed they could pick out a winning scratch card from a container full of them. By the end of the year, Tigner’s company was selling around 200,000 containers. These containers meant that players would be able to see these colourful scratch cards next to the cashier and purchase a card or two. Typically, this would happen whilst impulse shopping.

Over the last 50 years, buying physical scratch cards has not changed. Too drastically. The same concept is used as the original ones from 1974. However, the cards nowadays may appear more flashier and have a better texture. Physical scratch cards can be bought from most land-based betting terminals or post office.

The Growth of Popularity for Online Scratch Cards

One thing that has changed in scratch cards is the development of the online gambling industry. Ever since the iGaming industry became more widespread and available to players, players would opt for online scratchies instead of physical ones. The reasons behind this include convenience and variety, among other unique concepts. For instance, playing scratch cards online, players will find many different themes, bonus features and major cash prizes. Each and every year, the production of online scratch cards increases, adding to the vast collection of these games already existing online.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

online gambling

Online scratch cards are just as easy, if not easier, than playing traditional scratch cards from a shop. One of the main reasons why players love these games is because they are spoilt for choice and the convenience of playing. The games are available to online casino members from any mobile device. Furthermore, players will find a variety of different games available, each of which have their own themes, features and payouts. To play scratch cards online, all you have to do is purchase the card, and click on the icons.

Players will enjoy playing their favourite scratch cards and jackpot games as they offer a variety of choice. There are many unique themes, features and payouts for these games. Furthermore, players can find cards that suit their budget, meaning cards can be purchased for more with larger payouts or less with not as rewarding prizes. This ensures that both low and high rollers will find exactly what they are looking for. Once you have purchased the online scratchie, you must reveal all the panels by either clicking on them individually or pressing a single button that uncovers them all at the same time.

Online Scratch Card Rules

Players will enjoy online scratch cards as they differ from each other. In one scratch card, you may have to match symbols to win a prize. Other scratch cards may require you to find a specific symbol that pays out whenever you can uncover it. Whether you are playing scratch cards that require you to match three or more symbols, or games that require a specific hidden symbol to win, playing scratch cards online has never been easier or more fun.

One of the many reasons why players love playing scratch cards online is that they are spoilt for choice in terms of themes. The games include themes such as a Mexican theme, Irish theme, animal theme, adventure theme and so on. For instance, if you are playing a Mexican themed scratch card, you may have to match sombreros and chili peppers to win prizes. Other games may simply require you to reveal cash prizes to win.

The way in which you can play these games is by simply purchasing the card, then reading the rules of how to play. That way, you will know exactly what you have to look out for whenever you try and win specific payouts.

Pay Tables & Buttons

Another thing to consider when playing online scratch cards is the pay tables and how they may vary. Most instant games will refer to how each individual symbol pays, adjusted to how much the scratch card cost. Obviously, the more expensive the scratch card, the more rewarding each symbol will pay. This is because each symbol is multiplied by your bet. Sometimes, you will find scratch cards that are incredibly rewarding. They can pay up to tens of thousands of times your bet.

There are other online scratch cards, which may allow you to purchase a number of lines, rather than a single card. In those games, you can win multiple times from a single card, not only through one pathway to success.

Scratch cards may differ in terms of how you play them. Essentially, players can choose how they want to play each round. If a player wants to manually click on each panel to reveal the hidden symbol, they can do so. If a player prefers the “instant” ability of playing scratch cards, they can click on a ‘Reveal All’ button. This button removes all blank barriers and will instantly be met with praise for a win or sorrow in case you cannot find any winner. The beauty of playing online scratch cards is that the rate of play can be sped up tremendously. Plus, when browsing through our collection of scratch cards, you will also find an auto play function. This allows you to purchase several cards at once, select the function and watch as each card automatically plays out one at a time.

The Advantages of Playing Online Scratch Cards

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Essentially, online scratch cards are better than physical ones. Although this is a hot topic to debate, the reality is that the development of the online gambling industry has assisted in the growth of scratch card popularity. Online scratch cards are more convenient to players, easier to purchase, have far more options and even potentially bigger rewards with features. Let’s see why.


One of the main reasons why online scratch cards are better than physical ones is that you do not need to head on over to a betting terminal or post office to buy your ticket. Instead, you can simply play these games from your mobile device or desktop.

Online scratch cards can be bought at anytime and anywhere, without the need to leave your house. You can automatically buy the scratch card and know if you have won or lost with the click of a button. Even the revealing button makes it far easier to play scratch cards online, instead of having to scratch the physical card using a coin. If you have used up all your spare change to buy the scratch cards with, how are you going to reveal the winning symbols?


Another reason why players may choose online scratch card over traditional ones is because of the choices they have. When playing online scratch cards, players will find many different themes, including the likes of fantasy, space, casino games, sports, nature, adventure, history, culture and more. Furthermore, players can also enjoy these games as they also vary in terms of betting size.

Online scratch cards are known to have exciting animations, music and themes for players. Any online scratch card player will tell you about the innovative and creative benefit of playing online. This is lost when playing traditional scratch cards, as they do not have the same ambience when playing.


The benefits of playing online scratch cards are not lost when it comes to special features. These games are known to have various features within them. The features may include things like mini-bonus games, cash prizes, multipliers and so on. Furthermore, there are also several jackpot scratch cards. These are scratch cards that have a jackpot prize attached to them. You may find some, along with other games, at our latest jackpot ratings.

Online scratch cards offer a variety of different features, including the likes of bonus rounds and multipliers. Essentially, when playing scratch cards online players will find many different benefits from the features. Sometimes simply revealing a combination of a rewarding symbol can trigger a bonus round where multipliers and extortionate cash prizes are there to be won.

The Instant Win Thrill


The reason why scratch cards are so popular is that they give you instant results. This means instantlyknowing if you have won or lost. When buying scratch cards at Spin Rio, you only need to take a matter of seconds to purchase the card. Once you have done so, a single click on the ‘Reveal All’ button will allow you to know if you have won or lost instantly. If you have won, you need not collect your winnings to stand in line for another card. Your winnings are instantly funded into your account, allowing you to instantly purchase another card – whilst sticking to a certain playing budget.

Wider Betting Ranges

Online scratch card games are for all kinds of players. Both low and high rollers are bound to find betting that suits their needs. These games may even pay up to 50,000 times your bet. Thus, when betting only €/$0.01, you can still win as much as €/$500.

Ultimately, scratch cards are a tremendous amount of fun. They do not require any betting strategies or knowledge to improve chances of winning. Online scratch cards are far more straightforward and easier to play.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you now know how to play online scratch cards. This analysis on playing scratchies online has many different factor to consider, for instance the advantages of playing these games. The online gambling industry allows players to find the best scratch cards online with ease. There are many different games to choose from, including things such as features and themes. To play these games, simply find the best casino jackpot reviews for your options.

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