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If you are looking for the best live game show experience, you are in the right place. In this article, we bring you several live dealer games from various software providers such as Evolution. These games are slightly different to what you may be familiar with. Therefore, read on and learn the exciting dynamics of the ultimate live game show experience games to play.

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Live Game Show Experience Games: An Introduction

Evolution is one of the most popular software providers in the industry, particularly for live dealer games. In the online gambling industry, traditional table games are not the only excitement found at the Live Casino product. Instead, players can now try their luck with live game shows. In this article, we break down three games to give you the ultimate live game show experience.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an enticing live game show from Evolution that is full of many engaging features. The game was built on the popular and successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept. It stands out as one of the most engaging and dynamic live dealer games available in the online casino world. With its unique blend of traditional casino elements and modern game show-style presentation, it is no surprise that Crazy Time has quickly become a favourite amongst gamers in the UK and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about the exciting nature of Crazy Time from Evolution.

Enjoy the Immersive Experience of Crazy Time

Crazy Time impresses with its high-quality graphics and immersive live dealer experience. Beyond the thrill of its gameplay, the game is broadcast from a custom-designed studio. The action is presented by energetic hosts who do a fantastic job of engaging the players, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement that is sometimes missing in online gaming.

Despite its relative complexity compared to other casino games, Crazy Time is surprisingly accessible. Its clear interface and helpful host make it easy for newcomers to understand the rules and participate. Moreover, the game’s wide betting range makes it appealing to both casual players and high rollers alike.

How to Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time

The central aspect of Crazy Time is its vibrant, oversized spinning wheel. This wheel, presided over by a lively host, is divided into 54 equally sized segments. Each segment is marked with either a number or one of four bonus games. The goal is simple: players must predict where the wheel will land when it stops spinning. If they guess correctly, they win the corresponding prize.

The numbered segments offer a straightforward payout, with the number representing the multiplier applied to the player’s stake. On the wheel, players will find the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. There are twenty-one 1s, thirteen 2s, seven 5s and four 10s. The payouts are reflected by the numbers, as seen below:

  • 1 pays 1:1
  • 2 pays 2:1
  • 5 pays 5:1
  • 10 pays 10:1

In addition to the 45 numbers on the wheel, there are also nine bonus segments. The bonus segments are the Pachinko, the Cash Hunt, the Coin Flip and Crazy Time. There are two Pachinko segments, two Cash Hunt, four Coin Flip and a single Crazy Time slot. Each bonus has the ability to pay up to $500,000 times your bet, which is also the top prize of the live game show.

Placing Bets

Before a round starts, the player must bet on the segment they believe will appear in the corresponding spin. If the player has bet on one of the numbers, and it is correct, they are paid out according to the pay table.

If the player has a bet on one of the four bonus segments, and it appears, they are eligible to access the bonus game. However, if the player does not have an active bet on the bonus feature, they will not participate in the bonus.

Finally, before a round begins, a special multiplier wheel spins. The multiplier wheel can increase one of the numbers or bonuses by up to x50. However, it will only increase a specific number of bonus segment and will only pay if the player has a bet on it and it lands in the main game.

Crazy Time Bonus Features

In Crazy Time, players will find numerous features to make the gameplay even more exciting. Below, we take a look at the bonus features found in one of the most fun jackpot games to play.

Cash Hunt

In Cash Hunt, players are presented with a large grid of symbols, each hiding a random multiplier. Players get to shoot a cannon to reveal the multiplier behind the chosen symbol, which is then applied to their stake. It can lead to rewarding payouts, particularly if a multiplier is active for the bonus feature.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip, on the other hand, involves flipping a virtual coin that has two sides, a red and a blue side. Both of the sides have different multipliers attached to them. The side the coin lands on determines the prize. You are guaranteed to win from one of the two multipliers, so be optimistic that the one with the larger payout lands up.


Pachinko takes its name from a popular Japanese game. In this bonus round, a puck is dropped onto a large pegboard. As it descends, it bounces off pegs, changing its course unpredictably. The bottom of the board is lined with various multipliers, and wherever the puck lands, that multiplier is applied to the player’s stake. It is even possible to drop a Double, which doubles the prize.

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time bonus game is the pièce de résistance of the entire experience. Players are invited into a virtual world where they spin a much larger, three-tiered wheel. With the potential for some of the biggest multipliers in the game, this bonus round can result in substantial winnings, including up to a maximum of 20,000 times your bet.

Crazy Time Specifications

The RTP of Crazy Time varies depending on which segment you bet on. The theoretical RTP of the game is 96.08%, however, it can drop to around 94.33% for the bonus features. The top prize in the live game show is 20,000 times your bet or up to $500,000, whichever comes first. It is an incredible exciting game that is easy to learn and has a host of bonus features to make every single spin an interesting call to action. The betting ranges from $0.10 to $5,000 per round, meaning both low and high rollers can enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Overview

Crazy Time is a standout offering from Evolution in the world of live online casino games. Its unique combination of traditional casino gameplay, game show-style excitement, and innovative bonus rounds make it a thrilling option for players seeking a fresh, interactive gambling experience. Whether you are a seasoned casino veteran or a newcomer to the scene, Crazy Time promises a fun and potentially rewarding time.

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal is an enticing live game show developed from Evolution. It is based on the popular television series, offering participants a thrilling experience which is almost identical to the original show. Its live format fosters an engaging atmosphere that brings the excitement of the TV studio straight to the player’s screen, wherever they may be.

Discover the Exciting Gameplay of Deal or No Deal

Evolution Gaming is renowned for their live casino games, and Deal or No Deal is no exception. The game is streamed in real-time from a dedicated studio and is hosted by professional presenters who add to the authentic feel of the game. To enhance the player experience, Evolution utilises multiple cameras, providing different angles and perspectives, creating a truly immersive experience.

Deal or No Deal is one of the most exciting live casino games from Evolution. It is available 24/7 with a host that acts as the presenter and has calls with the Banker. It is up to you to negotiate with the Banker, much like the original television game show.

How to Play Deal or No Deal

The rules of Deal or No Deal are straightforward yet captivating. It consists of three parts: the qualification round, the top-up round, and the main game round. In the qualification round, players spin a three-reel bank vault with the goal of aligning gold segments in the centre of the reels. Each spin sets the amount of money in the biggest prize briefcase from 75x to 500x. Success in this round opens the bank vault, and the player can proceed to the top-up round.

In the top-up round, players have the chance to increase the amount of money in their briefcases. This round is optional, but it can significantly boost potential winnings. Players can adjust their bet to increase the prize money in one or more of the 16 briefcases of their choosing. Players can add random multipliers of x5 to x50 to their briefcases during this round, increasing the potential prize money.

Following the top-up round, the main game begins. This is where the game’s namesake phrase, Deal or No Deal, comes into play. The host starts to open the briefcases one by one, revealing the amounts they contain. After a set number of briefcases are opened, the Banker makes an offer to the player.

The player then faces the ultimate question: “Deal or No Deal?”

Deal or No Deal?

They can either take the Banker’s offer (Deal) or reject it (No Deal) and continue with the game. This process repeats until the player accepts a deal or all briefcases are opened.

The allure of “Deal or No Deal” lies in its simplicity coupled with the suspense and excitement it generates. It’s a game of chance, with every decision carrying potential gains or losses. The live format adds another layer of excitement as players interact with the host and watch the game unfold in real time. The sleek, modern interface and easy navigation make the game accessible and enjoyable for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Deal or No Deal Specifications

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal is a successful adaptation of a beloved TV show into an engaging online game. By merging the thrill of a live game show with the convenience of online gaming, Evolution has crafted a unique entertainment experience.

The betting in Deal or No Deal ranges from $0.10 to $900 per round. The gameplay can be fairly uninspiring during the qualification round, but once you pass that stage, Deal or No Deal becomes far more exciting as you enter the main game. The live game show does not offer any side bets but does have a live chat, in which you can interact with other players and the presenter. The RTP of this title is 95.42%. The top prize in the Evolution game show is 500 times your bet, which can be triggered during the qualification round or the top-up phase of play.

Tips for Deal or No Deal

Playing Deal or No Deal involves a mix of luck and strategy. Here are a few key strategies to consider:

  1. Understanding the Game: The first step to any strategy is to understand the game mechanics. Familiarise yourself with the three rounds: the qualification round, top-up round, and the main game. Each round requires a different approach.
  2. Qualification Round: The qualification round is a game of chance, but it is still crucial to secure your place in the game. Consider spreading out your bets over several spins to improve your chances of alignment.
  3. Top-up Round: In this round, you can increase the value of your briefcases. Concentrate your top-ups on a few briefcases instead of spreading them thinly over many. This way, you will have fewer, but more valuable, potential prizes.
  4. Main Game Round: This is where strategy really comes into play. Remember that the Banker offer is based on the average value of the remaining unopened briefcases. Having a sense of the remaining potential prizes can help you make informed decisions.
  5. Banker’s Offer: When the Banker makes an offer, take a moment to consider it. Weigh the offer against the remaining briefcases. If the offer is higher than the average value of the remaining briefcases, it might be worth considering. However, if there are still high-value briefcases left, you might want to continue playing.
  6. Risk Assessment: Finally, understand your risk tolerance. Deal or No Deal is a game of chance, and although strategy can improve your odds, it can’t guarantee a win. Only gamble what you can afford to lose, and remember that the main aim is to enjoy the game.

Deal or No Deal Overview

Deal or No Deal by is a captivating live game show from Evolution that offers a dynamic and exciting player experience. With its straightforward gameplay, live format, and potential for sizeable winnings, it is no wonder that this game has become a favourite among online gaming enthusiasts. The suspense of each decision, the thrill of each reveal, and the anticipation of a possible deal create a game that is not just played, but lived and experienced. This is the magic of Deal or No Deal, a game show experience reimagined for the online world.

No Commission Baccarat Live

Baccarat Live

Evolution’s No Commission Baccarat Live is a captivating variation of the classic baccarat game that offers players an immersive live casino experience. Its main unique feature is the removal of the conventional 5% commission typically paid on all banker bet wins. This change, however, leads to the adjustment of other rules within the game to maintain balance.

Immerse Yourself in an Exceptional Casino-like Experience

The game is delivered by Evolution Gaming, a well-regarded software provider known for its high-quality gaming streams. The dealers are friendly and engaging, often striking up conversations with players to enhance the interactive experience. An interesting feature is the user interface that displays the bets other players have made and the amount they have wagered. A timer also ticks down, indicating how much time remains until bets are closed. The game was released in 2018 and can be accessed via both desktop and mobile platforms.

No Commission Baccarat Live Rules

The gameplay begins with setting the bet. This is done by selecting a coin from the bottom of the board and placing it on the side the player predicts will win. The game provides three betting options: wagering on the Player hand, the Banker hand, or a Tie.

In Baccarat, Aces are worth 1, the number cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value and the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are all worth ten. If a hand has a total of more than 10, then 10 is subtracted from the total. An example of this is if a hand of 12 is dealt, it is worth 2.

The position that has the closest total to 9 wins the round. The game is played with a total of eight decks. In addition to the three main bets, there are also plenty of potentially lucrative side bets.

How to Play No Commission Baccarat Live

Once you have placed your bets during the betting timeframe, the dealer will begin the round. The dealer deals two face up cards to each position. The first card goes to the Player, the second to the Banker, the third to the Player, and the fourth to the Banker.

Depending on the values of each hand position, a third card may be dealt to either one of them. A hand worth 8 or 9 is called a Natural and receives no more cards. However, if the Player hand is worth 5 or less then it receives a third card. If the Player hand does not receive a third card then the Banker hand will receive a third card if it is worth 5 or less but will not receive a third card if it is worth 6 or more.

If the Player hand has received a third card then the following rules govern the Banker hand. If the Banker hand is worth 2 or less then it receives a third card. If the Banker hand is worth 3 then it receives a third card as long as the Player’s third card was not an 8. If the Banker hand is worth 5 then the Banker will receive a third card if the Player’s third card was a 4, 5, 6 or 7. If the Banker hand is worth 6 then it will receive a third card if the Player’s third card was a 6 or 7. The Banker will not receive a third card if the position has a total of 7 or higher.

End of Round

Once all cards have been dealt you are paid for any winning bets.

An intriguing twist in the game is that if the banker has a hand value of six, they win the round immediately. However, if a player bets on the banker and wins while the total card value is six, they are only paid 50% of the stake back. This rule is implemented to compensate for the absence of the 5% commission from banker bet wins.

No Commission Baccarat Live Side Bets

Baccarat Live

No Commission Baccarat also incorporates a variety of extra features to keep gameplay interesting.

Super 6

The Super 6 side bet can only be played if a main bet has already been placed. If the banker wins with a score of 6, the Super 6 side-bet is won, irrespective of whether the main bet was placed on the player winning or for a tie. It pays 15:1.

Player/Banker/Perfect Pairs

There are also three pair side-bets: the Player Pair and Banker Pair side bets, which pay if the first two drawn cards are pairs, and the Perfect Pair side bet which pays if either side draws two cards with matching values and suits. The biggest win of 200:1 is achieved when a Perfect Pair is drawn in both the Player and Banker positions simultaneously.

P and B Side Bets

Additionally, there are the P bonus and B bonus side bets. They pay if their respective side forms a win with a natural eight or nine or by beating the other side with at least four points. The larger the point difference, the better the payout of this particular side-bet.

No Commission Baccarat Live Payouts

In terms of payouts, both player and banker wins pay a flat 1:1 due to the no commission rule. The only exception is when the banker wins with a six, where the payout is reduced to 0.5:1. Tie bets pay 8:1 when guessed correctly.


The Return to Player (RTP) for No Commission Baccarat is 98.94%, mirroring the RTP of a standard round of baccarat. It is played with a total of eight decks and offers six side bets that players can utilise to potentially enhance their odds of winning.

No Commission Baccarat Live Overview

While the removal of the 5% commission might seem advantageous, it’s important to keep in mind the adjustments to the rules that this brings, such as the reduced payout if the banker wins with a six. Despite this, No Commission Baccarat Live from Evolution offers an exciting twist on traditional baccarat, providing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience that players seem to greatly enjoy.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are more familiar with these games, we hope that you will try playing them for the ultimate live game show experience. You can always find these games, among others, at our latest jackpot ratings. On that site, you should also find plenty of exciting casino sites to play these games.

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