luck vs skill
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Introduction: Luck Vs Skill

If you’ve never placed a bet or know nothing about sports wagering, then it’s probably understandable that you have the impression that it’s all about luck. How can someone know for sure what the results might be before the event? This is the stuff of old tea leaves at the bottom of the cup or looking into a crystal ball. Who can know such things? But on the other hand, there are such people as “successful” punters They make a very good living from sports betting. So they must be relying on much more than just good fortune. In truth, with luck vs skill, each plays an important part in sports betting. But the real question here is which one is of greater importance to win the jackpot online.

Which is More Important?

When are sports wagers just a matter of luck, and when are they deduced from skills? To a certain degree, all forms of betting rely on luck. After all, it’s trying to see into the future, and we have no skills for that! But, in a similar way that some casino games rely solely on luck and others on the skill and knowledge of the player, it’s the same with sports betting. If you were to ask anyone to bet on a sport that they know absolutely nothing about, then the results are going to be based solely on luck. But if the punter has spent time studying and now has a better understanding of gameplay, tactics and past performances, then his bet has a greater chance of paying off. Your ability to win in sports betting directly correlates to your knowledge of the said sport.

Betting Needs Skills

The former US Attorney, General Lynch, would say that “Sports betting … involves ‘substantial skill.’ Sports bettors can employ superior knowledge of the games, teams, and players in order to exploit odds that do not reflect the true likelihoods of the possible outcomes.” He went on to say: “While a sports bettor cannot [legally] influence the outcome of a game, sports bettors can and do influence the ‘betting line’ or ‘point spread’ in order to improve their odds of making a successful bet. Specifically, a gambler intending to make a large bet on one team may first place one or more smaller, strategic bets on the other team to move the betting line and make it more favorable for the ultimately intended bet.”

Still, Some Luck Involved

Most results have shown that sports betting at the very topmost level ie professional bettor, need to have good background knowledge of the sport and it’s this which gives them the knack of predicting winners. So in the luck vs skill debate, skills are winning? Kind of, but it goes without saying that though knowledge is going to be helpful, not all results can be just a matter of skill. There are some highly complex games, where all the tips and skills in the world can’t be said to be totally responsible for the outcome or the result. Betting will always be influenced by good fortune, otherwise, there would be no gambling. If everyone had the skills necessary to predict outcomes, then the betting industry would e in big trouble.

A Matter of Luck and Skill

Before you place your bet, and especially if you’ve studied all the important factors within your team or sport, also do be aware that no matter how much knowledge you have, there’s no certainty of result. Risk is always there and is part and parcel of betting in itself. You may boast about your knowledge, but only bet if you are prepared to concede that you might incur a loss. And on the whole, the greater the number of players in a game, the greater the risk that luck will be a bigger factor in the outcome than all the insights you might possess. So, though sports betting is certainly helped by the use of skill, there is no guarantee of a win.

Luck vs Skill: Your Betting Aspirations

Whether luck vs skill plays the greater part in your betting decisions will depend to a degree on what your betting aspirations are. The amount of luck or skill is directly correlated to “why you are betting”. Are you serious sports better who needs to make money to pay the mortgage? Are you looking for some extra income? Or are you just having a flutter on your first day at the game? Yes, there have been lucky punters who have won big on their first bet. But that’s purely down to luck. If you want to be consistent with your winnings, then you’ll need to study form, players and the game. Punters who put in this extra effort, one the whole, tend to win much more often.

Are Some Sports More Predictable Than Others?

This is an interesting question. Most casino games need no skill whatsoever. It’s just a matter of luck. You go to the casino to have a flutter and have some fun. But there are certain games that have a higher % odds of letting the player win. After all, there are professional poker players. That’s right….there are some folks who make very, very good money by playing poker. These games are in some ways more dependent on decisions that the players can make for themselves. So as far as luck vs skill in sports betting is concerned, then the skill level of the players plays as an important part of the skill level of the punter. For example, during a basketball game, there are many more chances to score than, say, during a hockey match.

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luck vs skill
Hockey counts a predictable sport

More Predictable Games

A statistician at Skidmore College in New York, Michael Lopez weighs in on the luck vs skill argument, and points out that, “If you were to define a lucky break early in a hockey game, that could decide the game, but there’s no such thing in the second quarter of an NBA game.” Probably one aspect that really matters is the number of players and their opportunities to actually score. So football, though the world’s favorite sport, is difficult to bet on thanks to the sheer number of players. Also, the outcome is one of three possibilities, win, draw or lose. Tennis is equally unpredictable in that, though there are only two players, they can be very inconsistent. As the game depends solely on each player, then the chance of predicting a clear winner goes down.

Luck vs Skill vs Payout

On the other hand, a game such as a volleyball is definitely more sports betting friendly. More especially if you know your teams’ background. But the kicker here is that though the game has more certainties for the punter because fewer people bet on these games, then the lesser the payouts. The more a game needs the luck to provide the end result, then the greater the risk and the greater the payout. As we can see, the answer to the question regarding luck vs skill in sports betting is probably a bit of both.

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