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Italian Mafia Online Gambling Group Busted

If we were to stop to consider the Mafia’s history with gambling in Las Vegas and in the US in general, then by going to Italy, we can safely assume that they are still up to their old ways. So it was to no one’s surprise, a Mafia organization in Meccanto San Severino, Salerno, Italy, has been busted for an operation that’s involved illegal Mafia online gambling. The organization itself was part of the Casalesi Clan (Venosa-Schiavone faction). According to prosecutors, they made around 5 million during their two years of illegal activity. According to the Salerno Carabinieri, which is the police who look into domestic policing activities, they uncovered the Mafia-backed enterprise. These were designed around fake sites to win the jackpot. As a result, issued 33 Precautionary Orders in January. These indictments will now be on offer to up to 71 people.

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Charges Against The Mafia Online Gambling Group

Two prosecutors from Naples Local Antimafia Directorate, Francesca Fittipaldi and Giancarlo Russo, are in charge of the Judicial team. The national charges themselves range from the reuse of illegal money to criminal association and money laundering.

By making use of early 2000s electronic management and administration systems, the Mafia was able to utilise a gaming platform to reach millions of people all around the globe. They made use of a number of .eu domains, but without the approval from the Customs & Police Agency. This is the Italian regulator for all online casino businesses. As a result, the police seized the assets of 11 Mafia online gambling websites, as well as two offices in Meccanto San Severino, Salerno. They also confiscated 3 million at the same time. The service themselves, which hosted the websites were located outside of the European Union in tax havens like Curacao and Panama.

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For the Italian legal system, this was another major victory. When it comes to illegal Mafia online gambling, so far this year, the police have been able to seize around 88.65 million. The major part of this came from an investigation against Sicily’s Costra Nostra linked to illegal betting operators. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project said that mafia online gambling in Malta was an infamous cash cow. And it has huge links to the Ndrangheta crime family.

Changes Are Coming In Italy

Back in February of this year, Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance devised a plan to take down illegal Mafia online gambling and betting operators. The catalyst for this was the use of licenses which were well over their termination date. These were then renewed without proper authority. This new plan will also deal with new rules and Italian gambling laws for the gamblers themselves. This would include such things as limited payouts and betting stakes. Having said that, the plan hasn’t specified exactly what these maximums and minimums will actually be in real financial times. The plan also requires the setting up of a central regulating body which would take a greater interest in problem gambling. As well as introducing new tools for self-exclusion.

The Undersecretary for Sports, Valentina Vezzali, is presently lobbying for a new permanent 1% tax. This will be for all sports betting revenue. The thinking behind this is that research suggests that a permanent tax of 1% would create an additional 160 million for government expenditure. This can be added on top of the 500 million that’s already collected from both retail and online fees. When you’re looking for the best casinos to win the jackpot, we suggest that you stick with a safe and secure online casino like Bodog Casino. They have a reputable gaming licence so you don’t have to worry about your funds or personal information going missing. 

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