pooling your bankroll
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Pooling Your Bankroll: Playing Multi-player Online Slots

Firstly we need to discuss multi-player casino games. Now, these games are, by design, made so that players can play alongside each other and enjoy interaction at the same time. You can normally do this via the chatbox on your screen. By playing together, you can also track their playing stats. Things like Free Spins, winnings, when they hit a bonus round and jackpot. And the most important part of this setup means you can participate in the same game together.

Essentially, if you make a deposit just by yourself, then there are limitations on just how much you can spend. But if you’re pooling your bankroll deposits with other like-minded players, then you can collectively buy into a much higher bankroll.

Only One Player per Computer or Internet Connection

This is a very important point. When you select players who can access the pooled bankroll, it’s very important that they are not sharing the same IP Address or using the same computer. This is because online jackpot sites don’t want multiple persons sharing the same account with the same log-in details. Like everyone does with Netflix! If you happen to make a mistake in this department, then expect to have the ban hammer come crashing down.

pooling your bankroll
Together we are stronger! – Image source: Flickr

Pooling Your Bankroll: The Perks of Playing Multi-player Slots

Now playing with community slots or multi-player games can certainly be a lot of fun as well as sharing a number of perks. But the main benefit is using a larger bankroll to secure better terms from the casino itself. This’ll allow you to access higher casino bonuses from the get go. Furthermore, you’ll be earning a lot more comp points over the course of an evening, as casinos value higher rolling players above all others. With online casinos, these comp points allow for conversion into extra spins or free bonus credits. So having access to the larger amount of cash by pooling your bankroll can certainly change your bottom line, and it’s a win-win for all involved.

Pooling Your Bankroll

But if you’re going to go down the road of pooling your bankroll deposits with someone else, you still need to take care. Keep in mind that someone else can be spending all your bankroll before you get a chance to play. Pooling bankrolls is really all about absolute trust. Not just in the gameplay, but also when it comes down to any prizes. You want someone like yourself, easy-going, and totally honest.

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