Slot Bonus Features
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Online slots are certainly the way forward for the world of online gaming. Most gamblers these days will give slots the heads-up as their most played form of betting. The bright-lights, innovative theme, and fantastic gameplay are some of the most obvious attractions. However, the real deal comes in the slot bonus features. If you’re unsure about what that means, stay with us to find out all the different features known to man right here.

What are Slot Bonus Features?

In a nutshell, slot bonus features are what can be found in video games online. These are perks which make the online game a little more enjoyable. For instance, players can make the most of such features like wilds or scatters. Wilds are there to substitute all regular symbols and could end up giving you a better chance of landing a winning combination. Ultimately, the more wilds you land, the more chance you’ve claimed a win. Scatters, on the other hand, are very rewarding symbols when popping up on the reels. Typically, most games use scatters as the bonus symbol when landing three of them on the reels will trigger a bonus game. Most of the jackpot slots you read about here will use a free spins round as the bonus feature.

Video slots can be broken down into many different pieces of a puzzle. You’ve got bet value ranges, RTP, and volatility for a start. But what truly draws the attraction of online players is the different features which the given slot provides. Bonus features include things such as jackpots, free spin rounds, expanding reels, multipliers, bigger paylines, Win Both Ways, and much more. Next up, we take a look at some words for the different features.

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A List of Slot Bonus Features

Just to give you a heads-up, both wilds and scatters are considered to be a form of bonus features. The majority of games you’ll come across have got these included but not all of them. Aside from scatters and wilds, the most notorious feature which games tend to provide is some form of jackpot prize.

Slot Bonus Features
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The Jackpot

There is a great deal of video slots which have got a jackpot prize attached to them. The most famous perhaps of them all is Mega Moolah. The Microgaming slot is well-regarded as being the highest ever jackpot paying slot. We’re talking about more than €18 million euros!

What makes Mega Moolah a popular choice is the simple fact that it is a progressive slot. That means that the jackpot keeps on growing until it is eventually won. Moreover, Mega Moolah is also considered to be a multiple jackpot slot. That is to say, it has more than one jackpot. The other three jackpots included are for non-progressive or fixed amounts. For instance, the Minor jackpot is worth only €10. If you’re confused by the different types of jackpot prizes available, perhaps you ought to check out our online jackpot dictionary.

The way to trigger the jackpot is by landing the correct jackpot symbols during a round. You can find out more about the slot in our Mega Moolah jackpot analysis.

1024 Ways to Win

The next bonus feature which is certainly a head-turner is when a slot has got many ways to win. Here, just like in the classic fruit machine slots, you get paid in any way from left to right. The major difference in these slots is that you’ve got more creative ways of landing a winning combination.

243 Ways to Win

Just like in the former, when you play a 243 Ways to Win slot, you only need three symbols on the reels to win, going left to right of course. This makes it far easier to land on some form of combination and to add up more bucks.

Win Both Ways

One of our personal favorites is the Win Both Ways style adapted by the iGaming industry in the late turn of the decade. Nowadays, you’ve got far more slots which follow this standard format and the name of the game is quite simple. You can get paid for combinations from left-to-right and right-to-left. It’s fairly obvious why this type of game has become more popular in recent years.

Slot Bonus Features
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Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature is what it’s all about. Typically, in video slots which provide a Gamble Feature, you’ve got a chance to double up after every recorded win. Thus, it’s basically like a double or nothing with a 50/50 chance of winning. Remind me of the good old days when we used to bet on heads or tails.

Bonus Game

One of the most unique slot bonus features to come across is when a video game offers a unique bonus round within it. You can just about expect anything in such Bonus Games, as it is completely down to the innovative creators. For instance, the Blueprint Gaming branded slot, Ted, will take you to a new 3×3 grid and give the player new reels and an opportunity to win fast cash by landing on different perks. Feel free to take a look at our jackpot analysis for more details.

The Bonus Games are almost always going to be unlocked during gameplay. This can be done typically by landing on scatters or bonus symbols. Another fine example of a Bonus Game is the infamous Pick Me Feature. Here’s how it works. You’ve got ten Treasure Chest with each of them packing some sort of reward. You click on one and hope that it’s the highest paying one or that you receive some form of complementary bonus. Honestly, there are so many different Bonus Games available in the world of online slots, you’re just going to have to try them out for yourself.

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One of the most loved and common slot bonus features which appears on various titles is Multiplier boosts. These are basically perks which can help you double, triple, quadruple or even go higher when landing a winning combination. Some slots may even have multiplier boosts of up to 10x your win!

Free Spins

As mentioned in our introductory paragraph, free spins are one of the most common bonus features you’re ever going to come across. Typically, free spin rounds are triggered by landing 3 or more scatters. When doing so, the free spin bonus round is triggered. You will receive a number of free spins and are able to trigger more by landing even more scatters.

Slot Bonus Features
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Must like Free Spins, Re-spins also do exist. In a nutshell, they’re just like free spins. Usually, re-spins work as such: after every win, you’ll see the winning symbols disappear and make way for new symbols. If the new symbols fall into place to form a winning combination, you’ve got yourself an extra win on top of the spin you actually played.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels can be compared with the popular online game, Candy Crush. Whenever you land a win, the symbols will dissolve. This makes space for new symbols which can also give you wins. Much like in Candy Crush, you keep on winning, so long as there’s a good combination on the reels. You don’t even have to spin for it. It all depends on how the symbols fall naturally into place.

Expanding Wilds

Last but not least, Expanding Wilds have got to be one of our all-time favorite features. How they work is rather simple to grasp. When landing enough standard wilds on the reels, watch and notice how the wild expands and makes the whole reel wild! If you’re playing the right game this happens frequently enough. With the whole reel wild, you’re guaranteed a win and anything on top of that is just extra.

The Bottom Line

Thus, as you can see in our long list of slot bonus features, every video title has got its own rewards. Most online slots are a joy to play given that they’re innovative enough to have some pretty unique features. The gameplay is all down to how the slot is set up.

What we’d recommend to you is that you do your research and find a video slot which takes your fancy. Personally, we believe the more bonus features it’s got, the better. When playing such games, look out for top prospects such as the Bonus Games. These are truly unique concepts and show that the creators have truly stayed up all night to work on the slot. You will find that slots with more bonus features are ultimately more fun to play. You will not be getting bored of them anytime soon. And, as always, our advice to you is to stick to slots with some form of jackpot. After all, when playing those titles, you can receive larger awards which may even change your life altogether. Find out all the best games at our latest jackpot ratings for further reference. Good luck and have fun!

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