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Introduction: Slot Machine Rules: Tips For Playing On Casino Slots

Slot machine rules are a thing and they can really help you. Of course, if you talk to any gambling expert, they’ll all give the same advice to you. Namely, that playing on casino slots is a bad idea because they have a terrible Return To Player. All in all, it’s a total waste of both time and money. Yet, if you go into any casino, by far the most popular activity is playing slots. They are always the busiest jackpot games. Maybe some table game players might turn to them in order to break the tedium and others simply to kill time. But we are guessing the number one reason, is their sheer ease of gameplay. And the hope of a huge progressive win. There’s no skilled input required. Just the motivation to keep feeding the machine hard change.

There are many players who, as they play, gradually obsess more with the idea that a win is just around the corner. To that end, they are unwilling to give up their seat in front of “their” machine, even for bathroom duty. They will wait for a friend to take their place.

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Do Casinos Allow Players to Reserve Slot Games?

The short answer is a big fat “no”. All jackpot slots machines are available until someone sits down in front of it. And if you happen to win, then you’ll need to stay with the machine until the staff relieves you. So, if for example, you happen to win exactly when there’s a staff change of shift going on, then you have no option but to wait for all the counting and checking of the previous shift’s work before you leave the machine in question. If you do win, and then have to leave, on the whole, the staff will take your ID and you can collect your winnings at a later date.

If you’re playing and feel for certain that the machine is about to throw out a win, and you need to go to the bathroom, then there’s nothing you can do to hold the game. There are no slot machine rules whereby you can’t put a “reserved! sign on the machine in question. Or on your seat. You just have to leave it. Oh..and you can’t do anything to make the game unplayable for other customers.

slot machine rules
Slots everywhere

Innovative Ways Players “Save” Their Slot Machines

When you’ve been going to the casino for a while, you’ll be able to spot the resourceful and practical methods that customers use to save their seats when they need to pop out for a couple of minutes. This could be to score some food and beverage or simply a toilet break. one common method, was to lean your stool forwards so that it’s resting against the machine. Unfortunately, most stools don’t move in today’s casinos, so you can’t use them in this manner to reserve your place.

If the evening is young, with few players, then many simply leave their tray of chips on their seats as they take a break. Others leave some change. We’ve seen players leave (empty) wallets, along with coats or jackets draped over the back of the chair. Then there are the women who leave a bag of shopping on the seat. Another common way to reserve your seat is to leave some half-eaten lunch, with the plate and cutlery, sitting there until you return. These last efforts can fall foul of the cleaning staff. They might well assume that your meal is done and so clear away from your lunch.

Slot Machine Rules: Don’t Play the Slots Alone

If you’re a slots beginner then playing with a partner is a great idea for a number of reasons. First off, you needn’t be worried about someone else taking your machine, as you have someone there to guard it, should one of you need to step out. So in this respect, you’ll feel more relaxed, knowing that either one of you can pop out for a drink or a sandwich whenever you want to. Finally, if you happen to be sat, side by side, then it’s great fun as the other player gets close to winning. You can also share some jackpot winning tips and tricks.

Slot Machine Rules: Do People Ever Fight Over Slot Games?

Though we’ve never witnessed a fight, we’re quite certain that they happen once in a while. When the night gets busy, then all the slots are full. If someone is sat guarding a machine, this can cause tempers to rise. The same goes for those gamblers playing at the very lowest stakes. Thanks to this, they are able to prolong their gaming experience. But those waiting behind them can quickly turn impatient. And many don’t hold back when it comes to snide and rude comments. Sometimes we’ve seen new gamblers take a break only to find someone playing on “their” machine on their return. Though we have never witnessed fisticuffs, we’re sure that there have been times when things have come to the boil.

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Choose Games No One Else Is Interested In Playing

The general consensus appears to be that if a game is not being played, then there must be an underlying reason. And that is probably because the machine is terrible. This, of course, is just plain foolish. You should look up the RTP information on the games’ help screen. Also, if the casino displays one of those cards over a machine, we’re sure that you’ll read it. But it’s only natural to try and avoid a slot machine with a bad RTP. Another point and one of the better slot machine rules is is that we tend to like to bet with the minimum amounts before we have a win. For us, there’s really no point in betting with the maximum. More especially in a game where there’s absolutely no skill involved.

slot machine rules
Can’t wait to spin a loose slot

All the seats on the slots floor remind us of the children’s game of musical chairs. But played in reverse, so instead of everyone scrambling for the last chair, in this case, it’s players trying to avoid certain machines.

Slot Machine Rules: Why Not Play When the Crowd Is Small?

This often comes down to the fact that many players have to travel considerable distances to reach their nearest casino. As you know, many states in the US have zero casinos. If you want to play slots or any other casino games, your choices are limited to travelling a few hours or simply staying at home and playing online. The period between 8 pm and 11 pm, is “hot time” for the casinos. This is when they’re at their busiest, often with lines of people waiting to play. Even the buffet can have a 1.5 hour waiting period to find a seat.

So though most gamblers dream of getting there earlier and enjoying themselves before the crowd descends, it not that easy to escape from work or home that quickly. It’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll going to be arriving at the casinos to win the jackpot slightly later than you planned, and then having to wait your turn. Of course, if you’ve just driven 100 miles to be there, then you’re unlikely to give up so easily, and therefore are more inclined to spend more time at the casino than you might of planned for.

Conclusion: Slot Machine Rules

It’s a surprise to discover the number of players who feel “trapped” when playing at the slots machines. It’s certainly a mental thing. The waiting and anticipation of a win become an all-controlling force. This means that there develops a fear of leaving your seat just in case a win comes up in the next few rounds. Of course, a logical person would simply consult the RTP written on the machine. Then he’d have a better idea of the possibilities of getting a payout within a certain time frame.

As you know we are mainly blackjack players. We prefer the sense of control and the jackpot winning strategies needed to do well in the game, as well as the fact that we can walk away from the table whenever we choose to do so. But playing on a slot machine will always feel empty without at least one tiny win. And that’s why the players hang in there. It’s all about the triumph of hope over time and logic.

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