biggest lottery wins in Canada
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As mentioned earlier, this time, we are putting the spotlight on the winners of the biggest Canadian jackpots of all time. It is no secret that Canadian lottery jackpot offers are some of the best in the world. So it is only right that we shed some light on the biggest lottery wins in Canada.

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The biggest lottery wins in Canada of all time 

Canada is home to some of the best lotteries in the world. What’s more, players can win big money here, and the biggest Canadian lottery winners can back this up. 

So it is no wonder that millions of players never miss the chance to play the popular Canadian lotteries on top sites like theLotter. Now, we are taking a trip down memory lane to revisit the biggest lottery wins in Canada that caught the world’s attention. 

Several Canadian lottery winners are now C$70 million richer thanks to Lotto Max 

To date, many Canadian players have managed to strike it rich on Lotto Max. As a result, players on top sites such as theLotter want to get their hands on their jackpot winning strategies. Currently, the Lotto Max jackpot cap is C$70 million. 

So far, several Canadian lottery winners have managed to take this mouthwatering prize home, most importantly, Adlin Lewis. In addition to claiming one of the lottery wins in Canada thanks to Lotto Max, he broke an exciting record. 

The Brampton winner was the first to win the C$70 million prize, and in January 2022. At this time, he is one of the Canadian lottery winners that have written their name in the history books. 

$65 million Lotto Max winner instantly becomes Alberta’s largest lottery prize winner 


Usually, when Canadian lottery winners hit the jackpot, they also break a record or two in the process. Now, that is exactly what Lotto Max winner Tai Trinh did when he won C$65 million in October 2019. 

In addition to winning tens of millions, and claiming one of the biggest Canadian jackpots of all time, Trinh is now Alberta’s largest lottery jackpot winner. Not bad right? Here is the best part. 

You too can claim the biggest lottery wins in Canada and break exciting records when you play on theLotter.

Lucky Ontario woman beats the odds to win a C$64 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot 

Without a doubt, winning the lottery is no easy task, especially on Lotto 6/49. However, Zhe Wang is one of the Canadian lottery winners who made it look easy. This came after she won C$64 million on the popular game in October 2015. 

Right after, the Ontario winner claimed one of the biggest Canadian jackpots of all time. What’s more, she inspired millions more to try their luck on Lotto 6/49 on top online jackpot sites like theLotter

Manitoba man wins $60 million Lotto Max jackpot for his family 

So far, it is clear to see that Lotto Max is responsible for many of the biggest lottery wins in Canada. What’s more, Josh Chua from Manitoba and his family are now multi-millionaire Canadian lottery winners thanks to Lotto Max. 

The win took place in January 2021. At this time, it is now one of the biggest Canadian jackpots of all time. Now, with the chance to win life-changing money worth tens of millions, it is no wonder that players are always eager to play Lotto Max on theLotter

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