Sexy-Themed Slot Machines
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Sexy-Themed Slot Machines

Today we’re looking at the sexy-themed slot machines phenomenon. No matter how you look at it, the truth is that sex sells. When it comes to advertising, it’s one of the universal tools in use to move products, media, and entertainment. Simply by throwing in a little bit of sexual context or sexual content, then you are sure to attract much more attention. There’s a reason we see so many women in bikinis appearing in advertisements for calendars, beer, home products, etc. After all, the movie stars we see in the movie theatre are probably better known for their sexy looks rather than their acting ability.

And because this sexualisation of things creeps into all aspects of life, it’s no surprise to find there are plenty of ways online casino operators are able to utilise sex in order to sell their products. We will admit it’s not as blatant as a burlesque show in Las Vegas. But nevertheless, there are still plenty of risque sexy-themed slot machines out there. These have been designed, not only to provide you with great jackpot slots action but also to titillate you in the process.

So if you happen to be looking for more racy slots, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we thought we look at games which are for adult eyes only.

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The Playboy Hot Zone Sexy-Themed Slot Machines

The first slot we will look at was created by Bally’s and is rather tame. It’s called Playboy Hot Zone and it features models from the magazine of the same name. You have to remember that back in its time, Playboy Magazine with marketed as a lifestyle brand, that just so happened to have scantily clad beauties featured on its pages. What’s interesting is that all the great authors of that period used to write for the magazine. And it’s because it’s synonymous with both luxury and lifestyle, as well as Playboy bunnies, you’ll find its marketing reach has spread to online casino games.


In truth, there’s nothing particularly sexual about these sexy-themed slot machines, which really feature cartoonish graphics. Yes, there is the bunny symbol and a drawing of Hugh Hefner with two of his bunnies. But you’ll find no nudity here. The Hot Zones are probably the hottest part of the machine. With these, a portion of each reel can move independently of the symbols. By doing so, they can overlap and create instant wilds. This allows you to significantly increase your jackpot winning chances. If you want to see for yourself, then head over to Bodog Casino, as they have a number of Playboy slots for you to check out.

For something a little racier, then we have to look at a couple of titles that were developed by Play’n GO. Each of these features some very attractive Nordic models.

Scandinavian Babes And Hunks

First off, we have Scandinavian Babes. Just in case the title didn’t ring any bells, the minute you see the opening video then you’ll understand what this slot is all about. It features a number of beautiful women dancing as part of a stage show. You’ll see the same gorgeous babes appearing on the reels of this 15-line slot. Providing you can match up the girls, then you’ll be able to win the jackpot online. We should mention that there’s a special bonus round where you pick from three different dancers. Each one of them will be hiding an instant prize. This can be either hundreds or thousands of slot credits.

If you are a female player who prefers to look at beefcake hunky men instead, then there’s the companion game, Scandinavian Hunks. You’ll find that the rules and gameplay are identical to its sister machine. The opening video features men dancing, though this gender difference is really the only thing to differentiate between the two sexy-themed slot machines games.

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So What’s The Point?

Here at we do wonder why someone would want to play on any of these erotic sexy-themed slot machines. Of course, everyone has their own personal taste. And if you wish to play a game which is a bit on the risque side, then there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Thinking about it more, we can find four reasons to play on these machines. Let’s have a look at them.

Sexy-Themed Slot Machines Attract Players

If visuals are an important element of your gameplay, then who can blame you for looking at these erotic slots? Out of the hundreds of themes available, utilising a sexy theme as a means of attracting players is as good as any other method. There are a huge number of players who don’t give a toss about the theme at all. For them, the most important aspect of a slot is the gameplay elements. So it’s perfectly feasible at any one of these sexy-themed slot machines might appeal to you for these reasons. If that’s what you want, then that’s a good enough reason to play any of these jackpot games.

Having A Laugh Playing Sexy-Themed Slot Machines

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It might surprise you just how much humour there is in the world of erotica. To that end, we can see many players playing on these sexy-themed slot machines simply for the amusement factor. Maybe they find the whole idea of playing sexy slot machines to be incredibly silly. Nevertheless, this is a great way to add some enjoyment to your gameplay. After all, we always suggest that first and foremost all gambling should be about having fun.

Of course, it’s perfectly feasible that you have your own personal reasons for liking to play these erotic slots’ titles every now and again. Whatever the reasons might be, all of these games are interesting enough to take a look at, even if you have no interest in the more risque elements involved.

Sexy-Themed Slot Machines Are More Common Than You Think

Though we have just picked out three examples of erotic sexy-themed slot machines, if you look around the top online casinos, you’ll find that there are many kinds of sexy slots available. To be frank, the gameplay of the slots is not difficult to master. We suggest that any of them would be great games to start playing. This is in spite of their steamy and provocative themes. We think you will have a better time playing live dealer games at the best casino site to play, Bodog Casino. These are gorgeous babes who you can interact with as you play your favourite casino table games.

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