An Introduction to Betting Expert Tips and Tricks

Within this bracket for finding betting expert tips and tricks, we stress the importance of analyzing and betting either for or against hot players. Players who are on a hot run of form are an extremely interesting pick. When you come across a player who’s on a winning run, you are given two options. To bet with his streak or against it.

Betting Expert Tips and Tricks to be on the Lookout for

Have you found that tipster which you want to bet on? How many results has he correctly predicted? Four? Five? That’s not good enough.

If you want to find a tipster which is truly worth any part of your time and money, you’ll need to be on the prowl for one who has at least 100 winning tickets. Afterwards, you can decide if you bet with them or against them. Read more about that in the our complete winning streak guide.

Finding the Betting Expert

It’s important to be searching for that experienced gambling tipster rather than a lucky player who’s hit the ground running. Take for example, a player with a lower success rate of 55% with 275 out of 500 correct picks. That’s more impressive than a guy with an 85% with 20 picks recorded.

As far as paying for advice from a professional tipster, the truth is this move can only be made profitable if the fees are 2% or less; any higher rate effectively squanders most winnings above the break even point. Once you have your tips, then head over to a sportsbook like ComeOn! Sportsbook or GTBets.


The online sportsbook discussion forums can also assist in finding a pro tout: Check up on any tipster’s reputation above and beyond his overall mark. You’ll also want to properly research any expert’s total record and his recent performance. And remember: If the information’s not online and easily accessible, the service is not trustworthy.