Your Complete Bingo Strategies

An Introduction To Bingo Strategies

Though bingo is essentially a game of luck, there are some strategies you can use to help swing the odds to your favor. Of course, many people think of bingo as a simple game of chance. What is called is called and you can have no influence on that. Yet other people take the game of bingo, and all the strategy and thinking behind it, very seriously indeed. You can be a statistics buff, clutching a notebook and pencil whilst trying to decoding numerical patterns. Or you might be a casual player just looking to have fun. Or someone in-between, watching the numbers but not taking anything to seriously. For all of you, there are some basic ground Bingo Rules that can help set you up for bingo success. Let’s have a look.

1. Buy More Tickets

This is just common sense. With one card you only get one shot at winning, and with two cards you get two shots. The downside to this approach is that more cards cost more money, thus depleting your payroll. But if money is no object, then buy the maximum number of tickets and increase you chances of winning.

Bingo isn’t just for elderly people

2. Think About Your Timing

With fewer people in the room, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll be a winner. Pure logic! In order to find a room with as few players as possible, you should be gambling at more unsociable hours. If, for example, you play at the weekend, then you can be sure the bingo rooms will be full. Conversely playing late at night or very early in the morning can improve your odds. Look for bingo action in countries that might be sleeping when you’re awake.

3. Big Bingo Jackpots

A great feature of playing online bingo is the possibility to win jackpot prizes. Tickets for these can be bought in advance. Of course these bonus games will probably have more players taking part. But with luck, you can win big.

4. Use The Chatroom

Part of the fun of playing online bingo is going to the chat rooms. Apart from being entertaining, the host will often be running competitions and side games, along with prizes and extra bingo bonuses. With these you can play more and win, but at no extra cost to yourself. Also, by chatting to others you can check out their strategies and game play. After a while, you’ll be meeting the same players. You’ll become familiar with them. Look at bingo as another way of meeting people. and making friends.

You can play bingo online at countless sites

5. Benefits of Bonuses

Many bingo sites are constantly on the lookout for new players. In order to entice them inside, they offer welcome bonuses. You should take full advantage of these. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of these might increase your bankroll whilst other offer you more chances to play. Because the bingo site operator knows you can leave at any moment, they may find ways to continuously offer you bonuses and promotions.

6. Set Your Limit

When playing bingo, as with any other gambling game, it’s very important that you set yourself limits. Before you sit down, be very clear in your mind exactly how much money you’re going to play with. Or to put it more bluntly, how much money you’re willing to lose. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to go outside these limits and certainly don’t start chasing losses. This is the most common way in which players lose focus and end up with even greater loses than if they had simply stepped back from the game. Play with what you can afford and enjoy yourself.

6. Tippett’s Winning Bingo System

The English statistician, L.H.C Tippett invented a simple system for improving the odds of winning playing bingo. He suggested that the more balls being called during a 90 ball game, would lead to a higher probability that the balls called would be closer to the median. Conversely, with fewer numbers being called then the spread of numbers is more likely to be nearer to 1 – 90. So you just need to decide whether the game is long or short. But how can you know this? take a look at the bingo tickets and you see that some require a pattern to be ticked off in order to win. These tickets always take longer to complete. to that end the median of 38 are more likely to be called. if you want to practice this method playing 75-ball bingo, then do the following:

In shorter games, pick tickets with numbers closer to 1 and 75
In longer games, pick tickets with numbers close to the median of 38

A proper bingo strategy can highly increase your winnings

7. Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Best known for his financial market predictions, Joseph E. Granville (1923 – 2013) was a financial writer and analyst. He surmised that you could improve your bingo winning odds with a simple strategy which requires no skill whatsoever. He saw that over a long period of time, an equal amount of odds and even numbers would be called. The same for high and low numbers. In fact all the numbers had an equal chance of being called. Therefore you should only buy cards as follows:

An equal number of high and low numbers
An equal number of odd and even numbers
The same amount of numbers ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

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