Craps Basics – How to Play Craps, Rules & Strategies for Beginners

When it comes to top casino games, craps is in a league of its own. Not only is it an exciting dice game to play, but craps is a very rewarding game. 

However, to win on craps, players need to be familiar with all the ins and outs of the game. For that reason, we’ve put together a guide for newbies and experienced players on the basics of playing craps.

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A Guide for Dummies – What is Craps? 

Basics of playing craps

Previously we mentioned that craps is one of the most exciting casino games to play on both land-based casinos and on the sites to win the jackpot. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to see why. 

Nowadays, players are spoilt for choice when it comes to games to play on top casinos such as Bet365 Casino. However, craps is one particular game that players are always eager to play in the casinos to win the jackpot

For that reason, we’ve put together a craps guide for dummies. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on all the fun. Overall, craps is a top table game to try your hand. Furthermore, it gives players the chance to win big money. 

All in all, craps is an easy game to learn and play. In brief, the main objective of this game is to correctly guess the outcome of the roll of the two dice. 

Firstly, you have to place a bet on a dice combination that you think will appear each time the dice is rolled. Before you start rolling the dice on top sites like King Billy Casino, we’ll bring you up to speed with all the basics of playing craps. 

Craps Rules for Beginners – General Knowledge About the Game 

At this time, we’re going to explain the essential craps rules to get you started on the casinos or online jackpot sites. Firstly, craps is one of the most exciting and thrilling games to play on top sites like Bet365 Casino

It is a dice and table game that requires you to bet on the outcome of the next roll of dice. So, whether or not the dice will result in a win or loss. 

Additionally, you place bets on the dice combination you believe will appear each time the dice is rolled. Craps is a game of chance. So you don’t need a particular skill or strategy to play the game. Overall, there are four basic components in craps. 

These are the craps table, dice, puck, and the stick. First, the table features all the possible betting options that players have available. In craps, players play the game with two dice, and with these, players can bet on the outcome of each roll. 

Then, there’s the puck which is a round disk that has the word “off” written on one side, and “on” on the opposite side. Just before the shooter’s point is established on the come-out roll, the puck will be “off”. 

When the point is established, the dealer will then turn the puck over to “on”. Lastly, there is a stick that collects the dice after each roll. The dice will then be handed to the shooter. 

For When You Play Offline – All About the Craps Table 

playing craps

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Before, in our guide on the basics of playing craps, we mentioned that the craps table is one of the most important components of the dice game. Now, we will take a closer look at craps table dimensions. Firstly, the craps table is where all the game’s action takes place. 

The craps table has a special design and layout that shows players all the betting options available. Furthermore, the craps table, whether at a land-based casino or on Bet365 Casino, is where you can place your bets on the outcome of the two dice. 

Around the table, there are several important crew members. First, there is the box person. A boxperson is responsible for supervising the box. The box is in the center of the table. Here players can place center bets. 

Additionally, a boxperson verifies payments, books call bets -bets made on credit from the casino- and controls the game. Then, there’s a stickperson who is responsible for the dice. A stickperson will call the outcomes of the roll and take all the center bets. Furthermore, there are dealers. 

They’re responsible for the money and chips. The dealers exchange cash for chips, payout winning bets, and also clear the table on losing bets. Lastly, there is the shooter. The shooter is the player who rolls the dice for the entire table. 

However, they must first have an active pass or don’t pass wager. If you’re not the shooter, then you will bet on the result on the shooter’s roll. 

Craps Table Etiquette – How to Behave While Playing Craps

Previously we explored the craps table dimensions. Now, we’ll take a look at the craps table etiquette. When you are playing at the most exotic casino destinations or the world’s smallest casinos, it’s important to know how to behave while playing craps. Firstly, you should avoid uttering the word “seven”. 

Some players believed that it’s bad luck. Next, you should always be on alert when the stickman calls out “Dice are out”. When this happens -and if you’re not the shooter- then you should get your hand out of the way. 

Another important rule is to keep drinks away from the rail. This way, you can avoid accidentally spilling any liquids on the felt. Furthermore, players should not touch the numbers. Players can only place chips on the bets in front of them. 

These include the pass and don’t pass bets, the come, don’t come, field, and Big 6/8. A dealer will have to step in for any bet in the squares marked by numbers. When it comes to shooting, you should only handle the dice with only one hand. 

Next, you should try your best to make a valid throw. So, you shouldn’t toss the dice too high or too soft. Lastly, you should preserve the decorum of the craps table. This means, keeping your hands to yourself. 

Additionally, make sure your bets are made before the shooter has the dice. Furthermore, it’s important to always wait for the shooter to make his point to cash out. 

Learning the Secret – How to Play Craps Online? 

online gambling

Now that we’ve covered most of the craps basics, let’s see how to play craps online. First, you’ll have to choose one of the top casino sites to play craps. For example, Bet365 Casino. Before starting a game of craps online, it is important to start with a game plan. 

So, you should first set a budget and stick to it. Also, you should set a win limit and decide when it’s best to walk away from the game. Secondly, you should select your table. All craps tables have the same layout. 

However, the betting limits and dollar amounts vary depending on the tables and casinos. All in all, it is important to choose a table that fits within your budget. Thirdly, you should buy chips. To do this, you will have to exchange your money for chips at the craps table. 

Afterward, you can then place your bets. However, it’s important to note that this is done directly on the craps table. As mentioned previously, you can only place chips on the bets in front of you. 

To place any bet in the squares marked by numbers requires assistance from a dealer. Furthermore, all the winning bets are paid out, and losing bets are collected here. Overall, players can place more than 10 types of bets with different winning combinations. 

For example, pass and don’t pass bets, come and don’t come bets, odds bets, and place bets. However, many of these are unfortunately in favor of the house. 

Craps Rules – A Closer Look at How to Play Craps 

At this time on the basics of playing craps, we’ll look closely at the game’s rules. First, all craps games start with a pass line bet, whether in a land-based casino or online on Bet365 Casino

A player chooses whether the dice will land on a combined 7 or 11 to win (pass the line). Or lose, by landing on a 2, 3, or 12. Afterward, the dealers take all the pass bets. Then they will add them to the craps table. 

A shooter starts the game by rolling the first roll of the dice. This also goes by the name of the come-out roll. First, if the dice lands on a 7 or 11, pass line bettors win their wagers. 

If the dice lands on a combined 2, 3, or 12, don’t pass bettors win. Then, any other numbers the dice land on will establish a point on the table. After, the game continues. 

When a point (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) is set on the craps table, players can bet on the dice landing point. Additionally, you can bet on the dice landing on different numbers or losing by landing on a 7. 

Then, the shooter will roll the dice until they land a 7 or the point. During this time, if the shooter lands the point, they’ll continue to be the shooter in the next round. 

However, if they roll a 7, the shooter will ‘seven out’ and be replaced by a new player. 

Craps Bets Explained – How to Play Craps Like a Pro 


Now, on our craps basics guide, we’ll explain the craps bets. This way, you can play craps like a pro on top sites like Bet365 Casino. Previously we mentioned that there are several types of craps bets. However, there are two most common bets. 

First, there are the pass and don’t pass bets. Players place these bets before the come-out roll, and they bet on whether or not the shooter will make the point. For a shooter to win, they need to roll a 7 or 11 or “natural.” If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 or “craps”, then you lose. 

Additionally, any other number will become the point. In this situation, you can win if your point number is rolled again before a 7. However, you’ll lose if a 7 is rolled before your point. 

Then, a don’t pass line bet requires players to bet on a 2 or 3 landing before a 7 or 11 or “natural.” A roll of 12 will result in a “push,” which means no one wins or losses. In this case, the dealer will return the player’s money. 

Then, there are the come and don’t come bets. For a come bet, players place a wager on whether or not the shooter will land a 7 or 11 before landing the point number. 

Then, when players make a don’t come bet, they wager on whether or not the shooter will land the point number before landing a 7 or 11. 


Craps Odds – What are my Winning Chances 

Without a doubt, when it comes to craps gambling, most if not all players are curious about their winning chances. First, it’s important to remember players play craps with two dice making it a 6×6. So, there are 36 possible combinations on each roll. 

Furthermore, since a single combination can give you a total of 12 (6+6), the odds of this occurring on any given roll is 1 in 36. 

Now, when it comes to the house edge, craps is among the games on top casinos like Bet365 Casino with the lowest house edges. There are some bets in craps that have no house edge at all. All in all, the highest house edge in craps is 16.67% for any 7. 

Now, let’s see the odds of winning on popular craps bets: 

Bet Actual or “True” Odds Odds Paid or Payout House Edge 
Pass Line/Come Bet 251 to 244 1 to 1  1.4%
Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Bar 244 to 251 1 to 1  1.36%
Pass Odds/Come Odds

2 to 1 on 4 or 10

3 to 2 on 5 or 9

6 to 5 on 6 or 8 

2 to 1 on 4 or 10

3 to 2 on 5 or 9

6 to 5 on 6 or 8

Actual or “True”

1 to 2 against the 4 or 10

3 to 2 against the 5 or 9 

6 to 5 against the 6 or 8 

1 to 2 against the 4 or 10

3 to 2 against the 5 or 9 

6 to 5 against the 6 or 8 

Place Bet

2 to 1 on 4 or 10

3 to 2 on 5 or 9 

6 to 5 on 6 or 8

9 to 5 on 4 or 10 

7 to 5 on 5 or 9 

7 to 6 on 6 or 8

6.67% on 4 or 10

4% on 5 or 9

1.52% on 6 or 8

The Best Craps Strategy – Learn How to Win Money 


Earlier on our craps basics guide, we mentioned that craps is a game of pure luck. So there are no particular skills or strategies that will guarantee that you will win a game of craps. Nevertheless, there are few ways to maximize your time when playing craps on leading casinos like Bet365 Casino. Firstly, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the true odds. 

For instance, some bets like pass line bets, come bets, place bets, and odds best generally have better true odds than other betting options. So, understanding which of these odds are more favorable could better your chances of winning money on craps. 

Next, it’s important to note that bets that have higher true odds (pass line, come, place, and odds bets) have lower payouts. So naturally, most players will lean more towards these types of bets to win, even though the payout will be smaller. 

On the other hand, the higher the payout, the lower the true odds. Lastly, it’s best to keep your winnings and bankroll separate when playing craps. So, you should try to only play from your original bankroll, and stop when it’s running dry. 

This way, you can finish a game of craps without losing any of your winnings. 

The Best Sites – Where to Play Craps Online? 

Now that we’ve covered the craps basics, strategies, and craps bets, let’s see which sites you can try your luck on the popular casino game. Nowadays, players have access to a wide range of casino sites to craps. However, choosing the right ones can be tricky and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, we’ve decided to make life easier for you by listing all the best jackpot sites to play the table game. These include: 

Region  Casino Site

Bodog Casino

Bovada Casino 

Canada Bet99
Rest of the World

1xBET Casino

22BET Casino

Bet365 Casino

King Billy Casino

Frequently Asked Questions About Craps 

  • How do you gamble in craps? 

Gambiling in craps involves betting on a dice combination that you believe will appear each time the dice is rolled. 

  • Is craps a game of skill or luck?

Craps is a game of pure luck that has no particular skill or strategy to win. However, if you familiarise yourself with chances of specific numbers landing on the dice, you can improve your chances of winning bets in craps. 

  • What is the safest bet in craps? 

Generally, one of the safest craps bets is the pass bet which has a low house edge of 1.41%.

  • Are craps tables rigged at casinos?

There is a possibility that craps tables at land-based casinos can be rigged. For instance, cheaters will try dice sliding, scooting the dice with the purpose of nailing numbers, stealing chips for other players at the table or even colluding with one of the dealers to rig the game. 

  • Are online craps games rigged 

Generally, it is safer to play craps online. Craps games online have a random number generator or RNG. Essentially, the RNG recreates the randomness of a regular game of craps. As a result, this maintains fair gameplay for players. 

  • Can you make a living playing craps?

In general, it is difficult to make a living from playing craps. This is because most bets lean in favour of the house. Although the game is rewarding, it is better to play it for entertainment purposes. 

  • How should beginners start playing craps online?

Beginners should first familiarize themselves with all the craps basics. For example, the game’s rules, components (craps table, dice, puck and stick), the crew (dealers, stickperson, boxperson, shooter). Additionally, beginners should also learn about the game’s betting options and their payouts. 

  • What are the best craps strategies?

Generally in craps, the best strategies focus on reducing the house edge, managing bankrolls as well as making smart bets. 

  • How does one win at craps every time?

Because craps is a game of pure luck, it’s very difficult to correctly guess every time which number the dice will land on. Nevertheless, you can learn which craps bets have the best odds and the lowest house advantage. This way you can better your chances of winning in craps. 

  • What are the best online craps games?

    • Craps by RealTime Gaming (available at Bovada Casino)
    • Live Craps by Vivo Gaming (available at 1xBET Casino) 
    • Craps by Playtech (available at King Billy Casino)
    • Craps by Betsoft (available at 1xBET Casino)
    • Craps Live by Evolution Gaming (available at 22BET Casino)

To learn more about the basics of playing craps, be sure to check out our craps glossary. Lastly, for more information on the featured casino site to play craps, be sure to read about Bet365 Casino.