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The Profitability of Table Games

It’s a psychological trait in many gamblers that they have a tendency to play down the loses and accentuate the wins. When you hear them talking, and especially about casino table games, you’ll notice that they are always talking up the potential profitability of say, craps or roulette. But the truth is that, yes, table games can be profitable, but only on a professional playing level. It also comes down to the game that you choose. For example, blackjack, played well and over a period of time, can leave the expert player with a nice chunk of change both in landbased casinos or on the online jackpot sites. Conversely, the roulette player, can wave goodbye to his whole bankroll in a couple of minutes.

Casino Games: Blackjack is the Winner

In fact of all the games to be found at the casino, blackjack is the most profitable. Here we should mention that if you can count cards, it’ll be an even better bet. But finding a casino where they use just one pack of cards or don’t shuffle between shoes is pretty much impossible these days. You can still do well for yourself. But pit bosses and dealers are all the more aware of what to look for in a card counter. We suggest that you simply learn the proper rules and then play sensibly. You’ll still come out ahead.

casino games
BlackJack is the heart of all the casinos – Image source: Scott Nazelrod via Wikimedia Commons

Check the Slots Pay Tables

When we stroll over to the online or offline slots, we probably imagine that we have a lesser chance of winning than compared to table games. Of course you need to play them to see what’s true or not. As opposed to simply believing some tin-foil hat conspiracy theories you might have read on the internet. On the slots machines you should take a look at the paytables before you start your session. In our best jackpot reviews, you can find more details.

Casino Games: Great RTP

The thing about slot machines that many casino player ignore or maybe don’t even realize, is that the RTP (return to player) can be exceedingly generous. The normal range is between 88 – 99%, but if you shop around you’ll find machines which offer a steady 98%. The profitability here relies on spinning with a small amount for each spin. This way your bankroll will go much further. And the further it goes, the greater the chance of hitting a huge jackpot. It’s there small or almost insignificant wagers that have allowed some of the biggest payout ever seen.

You Never Know!

On October 6, 2015, a British soldier, John Keywood placed a 25 pence bet with an online casino operator, Betway. Lance Corporal Heywood managed to win ££13,213,838.68 on a progressive slot which was run by the software company, Microgaming.

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